For all those that Wonder 'what can I eat to get all the nutrients I need' (assuming that you have enough stomach acid to digest things!). Well, here's an idea - the humble potato :

Add to that another superfood - butter - and a dash of sea salt, a grind of Pepper, and you have a meal fit for a king! lol

Now, before anyone says oh, but the potato is part of the nightshade family... I know. And some people are sensitive to them. But that's no reason for everyone to give them up. Humans (and some animals) have been eating potatoes for générations. I think we can safely say that they are now recognised by our bodies as food.


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  • Ha! I have just finished a lovely baked potato with butter a dash of sea salt - skipped on the pepper though.

  • Hope you enjoyed it! :)

  • GG, this body sees potatoes cooked anyway you like (except pureed) as nectar from the Gods (Irish genes). In fact, I would choose spuds over caramel eggs if I was forced to choose.

    Jacket spuds are also good with a chilli con carne topping :p

  • And I thought I was the only person who had elevated potatoes above ambrosia!

    They are also a reasonable source of vitamin C. :-)

  • Rod, when I was a kid, every meal had two types of cooked potato, three on Sunday, except meals with chips. If you wanted your new spuds peeled, you did it yourself, after they were cooked and tough if your fingers got burned. Bread and butter also accompanied every meal. If you didn't finish the main meal you didn't get pudding or 'afters' as we called it.

  • Came across this whist browsing and following various links

    Worth a read of chapter 4 if nothing else

  • wow! That's a lot of reading! I glanced through, but will need time to look further.

    What did strike me was this : The latest results show that they are much lower now. The food tables of the US Department of Agriculture for the year 2000 show, for instance, that the vitamin C content of broccoli, cauliflower and spinach is only about half of what it used to be in 1963. Also vitamins A, B1 and B2 declined sharply, calcium in corn decreased by 78%.

    No Wonder we're all Under-nourished! And the strange thing is, people still believe you can't be obese and Under-nourished at the same time! Incredible.

  • I believe that much of the nutrients mentioned here are found just under the skin which most people remove. The way you cook potatoes also makes a difference as cooked fat isnt good fat. Vit C often quoted as existing in many foods, like may heat affected vitimins, will not exist in a cooked potato. Sorry but this was written by a 'data' expert writing on behalf of the potato council who probably didnt test cooked food. Much like the experts who cooked organic and non organic food down to ash, tested the ash and pronounced to the world there was no nutritional difference.

  • Well, you could say that about all food. But previous générations survived by cooking their food. Not much raw food eaten when I was a kid, but people were reasonably healthy. And I don't know of anybody (except kids) who eat raw potatoes.

  • I am so sick of the no gluten, no nightshades crappola!!! Why can't i eat them with Hashimoto's?

  • I don't know. I eat them. Do they make you feel bad?

  • I notice no difference with anything other than milk products. I always feel bad.

  • Well, if giving up those things doesn't make you feel better, personally, I would carry on eating them! I tried giving up gluten and sugar for about three months, but it didn't help in the slightest, so I went back to gluten and a little sugar and don't feel worse for it.

  • I have had ever Gluten test under the sun!! A bowel biopsy, food allergy skin testing, food sensitivities blood testing, Celiac blood testing and all are negative..i mean a 0, yet i read that Hashi's people must not eat it because the body thinks the gluten, is actually thyroid hormone, because they look the same, and thus, the gluten will cause the immune system, to increase the on the thyroid?!!! What do you think about that? I think it sounds crazy. I feel nothing when i eat Gluten and i mean nothing. No worse no better, no stomach upset, swelling, nothing. My daughter swells up all over when she eats it, her tongue swells and she actually gains 7 ibs of fluid in 1 week, skin hurting etc.. My mom developed Celiac Disease and this is why i have tried again to stop. I did, however, show up positive on the food sensitivities for milk. I stopped all cheese and milk, but the test showed whey was ok, so i have coffee creamer in my coffee and that's all. My stomach does feel better. I miss Pizza and Cheese, so much. But it has not helped me feel better over all and was not the reason for the Hashi's.

  • Well, I think it's crazy too. I think people get over-zealous about things like that. Not all Hashi's is caused by a leaky gut. And if the antibodies were mistaking the gluten for thyroid hormone, I think you'd know about it. I get cross when people say things like that! lol

  • No, i should temper that. What they say is true for some people. Not everyone. Everyone doesn't have to give up gluten just because some people are affected.

    Personally, I would be more worried about the soy flour they put in bread in England rather than the gluten. Thank goodness they don't do that here in France!

  • Me to..really angry and the explanation makes very little sense. I know that thyroid hormone and gluten are not the same thing in any way..not chemically at all and if my body is that screwed up, then let me just die . The only people that have an issue with gluten effecting Hashi's are those with true Gluten Allergies, sensitivities and Celiacs and when they cut out Gluten or eat Gluten, the really do see an improvement or bad symptoms and that isn't me, unfortunately.

  • Absolutely no reason to give it up then!

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