Guardian article for anyone who is convinced by the marketing/PR surrounding the so-called superfoods:

Besides, iodine is another thing you don’t want to eat too much of. Iodine toxicity can cause thyroid problems and weight gain.

Much more in article:

As usual, I don't 100% agree with everything in it, but I really don't think those who wrote expect that sort of slavish acceptance. :-)

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  • hi rod , nice to hear from you -- long time since your last post/reply that I have seen -- as usual your posts are very informative and helpful .... hope your well and keeping your pecker up ..... alan x

  • Oh, very cynical! And, a tiny bit dubious...

    They ignore the delights of Borsch when talking about beetroot! It may not do you much good, but it's oh so comforting on a cold winter's night.

    And, I knew there had to be a good reason not to eat avocados! So, I'm grateful to them for that! :)

  • Is that the Garden of Earthly Delights of Borsch?

  • Oooo... I don't know that one. Have you got the recipe? :)

  • I think that's Bosch. lol

  • Yes. Nothing to do with beetroot soup! lol (Not as far as I know, anyway!)

  • A good putdown. The Chinese are helping to wipe out elephants,rhinos and tigers etc with their weird beliefs on traditional medicine. But no doubt some of the herbal treatments are useful.

    Fish is given as an alternative to some of the " super foods " but only in the last week we learn that the micro balls of plastic in shampoo,toothpaste ,cosmetics etc are finding there way into oceans,into fish and then us.Luckily I do not like eating fish . Cannot stand the smell,texture ,bones !

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