Friends, I think EVERYONE especially those over forty can benefit from taking proteolytic enzymes. I've been reading on it for quite a while because inflammation seems to be a huge factor in chronic illness and while it is a protective mechanism when it becomes chronic it leads to all sorts of degenerative disease. The origination by Dr. Edward Howell began back in the 1930's: " While others were touting vitamins and minerals as the nutritional breakthrough of the century, Dr. Howell discovered perhaps the most vital nutrients of all are food enzymes. Through his extensive clinical research, he learned that food enzymes are essential for proper digestion which directly correlates with dramatic improvements in health and longevity."

We lose enzymes as we age and this is serious because you depend on them to mobilize energy from your food. They catalyze and regulate ALL THE BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS in the body. First priority is digestion of food which will make metabolic enzymes. Enzymes unlock the energy in your body. Another fantastic effect of enzymes is the way they attack stealth infections. You may be unaware that they are the cause of some of your difficulties. Personally I've been desperate to find something that reduces inflammation and fights infection with not much success.

Since we are talking trillions of cells that may need repair it may be a slow process but if you combine digestive enzymes and unfiltered vinegar with meals and then proteolytic enzymes between meals away from food, you may see much quicker results. I am still experimenting with different types and Serrapeptase seemed to be prominent one. I can tell it is working and have finally broken that plateau for weight loss that has been going on for years and years.

I found this interview today although I've watched hours of these on you tube and thought her presentation was very succinct and clear.


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  • Heloise thanks so much for doing the hard slog. My CRP is always raised when I have my bloods done (<10 but > 5) and I will give this a whirl...when I get back from my imminent holiday in Greece :)

  • Marvelous, Rapunzel. For ages I've tried to find out the root cause which of course may begin with leaky gut but what happens after that is a cascade of the body's reaction in trying to save you. The onslought sets up all kind of inflammation as in your CRP, mine has always shown up in the ESR sedimentation rate. Finding what to do about chronic inflammation seems to be a deep mystery but this does SOMETHING I guarantee. The interview I just posted (this lady was also near Chernoble like Izabella Wentz) at the end does touch on possible healing reactions. Every once in a while I get a blip of something strange but it only encourages me. Stay in Greece as long as you can!!!!

  • Hi Heliose.

    I've been thinking of trying enzymes for my leaky gut too, so your post was well timed and I've just ordered some. I have thought for a long time that my gut was the key to why I have thyroid issues and flare ups of, what feels like inflammation, although my GP dissagrees. My problems all started after a back prolapse when I was put on maximum dose of NSAIDS. This wrecked my gut and I'm guessing that's how allergen got into my bloodstream, provoking antibodies that then attacked my thyroid.

    I often wonder how many of us with thyroid problems can link it directly back to things that would have given us poor gut health ?

  • lb, I think you are right. Nsaids do a lot more damage than that as well. I'm thinking that anything that can be treated with a supplement instead of a medication will be ignored by the medical professionals. I have to add I've been trying to restrict not only gluten but starch for now. Bacteria may be involved. A couple of times I've had gut pains and the woman in the video mentioned that your gut flora is changing so am thinking that is the cause. I used charcoal tablets and it stopped. It may have been a gall bladder incident since fats are increased but I don't know for certain. I would like to find out more and if I do I will post some updates.

    Izabella Wentz has collected lots of information and finding the root cause has been her aim. Some think is may be a virus like Epstein-Barre that triggers it. The body could normally handle these things but we are up against too many toxins.

    I hope enzymes will help you and you might look at William Wong's videos or Jon Barron who both also make their own product and call for higher doses. If I had cancer...well, I know some of these enzymes have been used for that as well.

  • Thanks Heliose. I've been following Isabella's blog and website for some time too. Thanks for the advice on the others, I'll check them out as well. Best of health to you 😊

  • Thank you. I just recalled the number one player in ruining gut health is broad spectrum antibiotics. My old time GP would also give us ladies a nystatin pill when prescribing antibiotics to prevent a yeast infection. Often you don't need an antibiotic anyway.

  • I agree. I can't tell you how many times I was on broad spectrum antibiotics in , probably monthly through my teens, twenties and thirties. I had recurrent throat infections and cystitus/thrush for over 20 years. No one ever gave me the reason why. All throat infections stopped at the same time as I went gluten free!

  • Interesting. Once you've had too many antiobotics, you often end up with thrush. I had that happen once and I gargled with nystatin and throat pain went away immediately. Now I would gargle with unfiltered vinegar.

  • can you recommend product you use?

  • I like Doctor's Best, winjy. I was impressed with their website and have used several supplements. If you can get the high potency type. They are moderately priced.

  • thanks.

  • I've heard your reasoning before and they are not totally valid. Since you won't listen to the video by a woman whose health was totally compromised by the Chernoble incident and lives to tell about it I'm sure my puny comments won't have any meaning either but keep in mind, Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Gonzales have used enzymes to cure cancer for many years. And have been attacked with your same arguments no doubt.

  • Finally!!!! Someone else who gets it!! Enzymes have given me back my quality of life. No more gastrointestinal distress after eating. I absorb more nutrients. Heal faster and my ability to cope with stress has increased exponentially .

    Chronic anxiety that had plagued me for years just dssapeared overnight .enzymes are key to all prevention and cure of disease

  • Ha, as Dr. Walt Stoll used to say "too soon old, too late smart". I hope more will try them but I'm wondering if the private labels like William Wong's and Jon Barron's are superior. Quality is extremely important and remaining viable is tricky but I like their therapeutic method of high doses in a limited time period.

    I haven't ventured into that as I wanted my husband to try it, too, and when he started the Doctor's Best he blew his nose for days which told me he had a lot of stuff to get rid of. But he quit. Men are such babies. Anyway, would you recommend what you use and could you write a post? I'm sure mine was passed over and they can have such powerful benefits. Izabella had a segment on Wobenzyme on her "Thyroid Secret."

    Thanks for your response, always encouraging.

  • Hi sorry for my late response, life is a bit hectic of late. I would love to try Jon Barron's products but unfortunately I can't buy them in Australia, no distributors locally and the company don't ship them here either. Such a shame because I have read such good things about them. William wongs brand I haven't heard of but will look into that also. Over the past 6-7 months that I have been using enzymes I have tried quite a few different brands and for digestive complaints I can say that they have all worked wonders for me. Among these are digest gold (which I couldn't say was any better than other brands 1/4 of the price these cost) Swanson, blackmores, source naturals and a stack of others, I take 2 whenever I eat and don't suffer the crippling cramping and diarrhoea that I usually get after eating since I had my gall bladder removed 15 years ago.

    For metabolic purposes I have been using serrapeptase sporadically for 2 months. I am really inconsistent with these as they need to be taken on an empty stomach and I'm not pleasant to be around if I am hungry "hangry" so try to remember to take them if I wake up in the night. I take Arthur Andrew medicals serretia, it is high potency and has a good reputation as far as enzyme performance goes. I don't know what the story is but I had a bit of an issue a few days ago when I took 2 of them first thing when I woke up. After about 5 hours I suddenly felt unwell, it came over me quickly, I began vomiting and spent about 2 hours vomiting non stop. I crawled into bed and felt really strange in my head, I was exhausted from throwing up so I fell asleep within moments. When I woke up 6 hours later I felt like I had a big hole inside of my stomach, not a painful type of hole but like maybe something had been blocked and maybe had opened up, it was bizarre, the following 2 days I was able to eat without taking enzymes at all, I can never usually do this without suffering the consequences, yesterday my right ankle began swelling and today I was exhausted again and slept the entire day and night until 8:30pm without stirring. The swelling is gone in my ankle. I would usually be starving hungry ravenous for food but it's now 10pm and I haven't eaten yet. I don't know if this brand of serrapeptase is a bit too strong for me to tolerate as many people complain about stomach upset from serrapeptase. It's definitely doing something though but I'm hesitant to have any more just yet. I would like to try seaprose-s as they are said to have the benefits of serrapeptase but without the side effects, again having an issue finding these in Australia. I'm going to give the serretia another try and will keep you updated on the results.

  • Hi there, so the potency might make a difference. I'm taking Arthur Andrews seretia right now myself, second bottle. I was taking Doctor's Best and gave some to my husband who had such sinus drainage he could not continue so I would say was very effective. It was the high potency one. The reason I ever started using serrapeptase was because he had hand surgery from a fascia issue and serra was supposed to break up scar tissue. Then a friend who has Lyme was so frustrated and is using an alternative doctor and he put her on Arthur Andrews.

    That was quite an interesting incident (albeit horrible) you had. I had a similar incident years ago when I was taking bitters. I may have overdone it. I do wonder about the mucous membranes being TOO effected and may be destroyed by these enzymes. But Wong if you watch him on You Tube has interesting discussions on hormones as well but he increases the dosage to massive amounts I think (like 15 capsules/day) but then reduces them. He's on YouTube and Radio America I think. Interesting one about mucous on You Tube by Gray, the man who wrote Men are From Mars, using serrapeptase.

    For myself, I have proteinaceous deposits which Izabella described, on my throat and was hoping the enzymes might work on that as it's causing apnea. So far I would say it doesn't seem to be making a difference but I will continue as I'm sure it takes time.

    I know it's hard to tell about all the internal effects so we're guinea pigs, right? Thanks for the update.

  • I am sure that what happened is actually a good thing just didn't feel so great at the time. Intuitively I feel like the serrapeptase has unblocked a duct that was causing my bile to flow too slowly, I can't be sure though.

    for lack of a better way to describe it, it honestly felt as though my stomach had been wrapped with a rubber band and that the rubber band had been removed and everything was allowed to go back to its normal shape again. My partner is also taking the serretia and had some excellent results after injuring himself falling in the garage. He was in a lot of pain and was whining a lot about it, the serretia hadn't arrived at that stage but did 2 days after his fall, less than an hour after taking it I didn't hear another complaint from him again about pain and within a few days he had healed 100%. Cuts bruises and swelling completely gone. The People of the world need to know about the healing power of enzymes. Modern medicine is seriously killing more people than it saves and diminishing the quality of life at the same time. I feel as though I was meant to go through poor health to learn about enzymes and share that information to help others. My main topic of interest ATM is how they can reverse mental health problems like anxiety and depression etc we have nearly a complete generation of society expressing mental health symptoms and taking antidepressants which slow down digestion etc no wonder people are getting sick with all kinds of cancers and auto immune diseases. Add our poor western diets and good to the mix and it's really an epidemic crisis in the making

    Thanks for the recommendations I will definitely check them out.

  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant; I couldn't agree more. Everything is going down the tubes and there is an answer for that so keep seeking:) Maybe you already have. Dr. Stoll's archives are so valuable because he was on track and tried to wake up the people as to what they were facing in the medical establishment. Many of his posts are at the bulletin board area.

    This fibrosis covers every organ so when they say that death is being dried up, it's true. I think you are right about your assessment re the duct. It's too bad they deprived you of your gall bladder. Dr. Stoll warned about that as well. Don't remove your gall bladder, your symptoms will probably remain.

    Rararara, so glad to have met you. My son was in Australia last year and loved it. Post me by PM if you have more news.

  • I like the sound of this dr stoll! If I knew then what I know now I would never have let them take my gall bladder. The whole thing was just horrific from the beginning, keyhole didn't work so they opened my up, gallstones were the last thing my doctor would have suspected, I was only in my early 20s and weighed around 54kgs, fit and active so by the time they figured out what it was it was too late my bile duct was completely blocked with as the ultrasonagrapher put it 5 little soldiers lined up in a row. Not a single stretch mark from having 2 children and then got a lovely big scar across half of my abdomen, lol, that was my peeve back then, young and stupid

  • Well, maybe it's not too late to do something. I'm still thinking about the adhesions. If the enzymes could take care of those I would be grateful. My daughter weighs what you did back in your 20's and has trouble gaining. We tried a lemon peel drink and is stable but now beginning the SIBO diet I hope she doesn't lose more although they suggest the bacteria may be eating her food!

    Your other post talks about the thyroid connection. I was thinking it all starts with adrenal/cortisol issues. I remember being a complete night owl all my life. Much happier wall papering a room at 2 a.m. I was often late to work it's a wonder I wasn't fired because dragging myself out of bed has been a lifelong frustration. Hubby was a big help there getting kids off to school. I remember writing a friend after having my first baby and telling her my Ob/gyn was really the only doctor who did me any good even though I did most of the work, haha. That only became truer as the years went on. My friends are in terrible shape with so many issues that I have NONE of so you know the value of learning things over the internet. Bless the researchers out there and my son is one of them. His PhD is biomedical engineering. He has a device that removes some components out of a blood sample and several cancer hospitals and companies like Fenwal have been asking for more presentations.

    So many of the alternative doctors have died lately so I have my worries that there is a reason

    why the word does not get out especially know what Dr. Stoll went through. He has his bio on the website.

  • Wow good job on the son!! Shelled out a topnotch egg there!! Sounds like he is really onto something. I am a complete nightowl too, it is when I am at my best and definitely not conducive to being a punctual employee. I have worked for my partner for the past 3 years and often tell him that although I may not be punctual I am consistent. Consistently late.

    I had always put down being a nightowl to being a cancerian, seen as we are ruled by the moon and all but maybe there is more to it than astrology. However I also have a Virgo moon which is a placement renowned for digestive issues. I actually found lyn koiners site to be incredibly helpful. She teaches medical astrology. Her recommendation of solaray adrenal caps during a Pluto transit to the ascendant is one I tried and am actually planning to reorder them today.

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