Missing rice with your curry? Try blitzed cauliflower recipe below:

Cauliflower rice

If you’re trying to cut down on carbohydrates, replace rice with cauliflower, as in this recipe. All you need to do is whiz up some cauliflower in a food processor then microwave for a few minutes. You get a similar consistency to rice and it’s great with curry. You can also add things like raisins and mushrooms.

Try your hand at cauliflower mash too. Boil some cauliflower then mash with butter. Add one potato for a consistency closer to mashed potato

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  • Oooh this is nice! Another good one is if you mash up a very ripe banana with a couple of eggs, it makes lovely drop scones, also with no gluten.

  • I'm not g-f but that 'nana scone sounds very good.

  • Or you can put it all in a pan at once like an omlette- lovely with blueberries!

  • That sounds great, I am G/F and will check it out :-)

  • Hi thanks for the tip I will try the cauliflower as I do miss rice. May try the drops scones for breakfast tomorrow if I have a ripe banana.

  • ...cauliflower mashed with yogurt is good - plus spices of your choice. I sometimes do half broccoli and half cauliflower. I do not have a microwave - don't want my brain and liver frazzled anymore than they are :-) I know I shouldn't believe everything I read..... :-)

  • My son who is currently teaching in Turkey made a "cauliflower" risotto and thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it quite filling. It was whizzed up raw cauli with leeks etc.Looked very good when he posted a photo on facebook

  • Many,many moons ago (said in a Neddy Seagoon accent) before thyroid reared its head, I followed a very successful weight loss regime of my own devising...instead of carbs, I had cauli cheese! It may sound weird, but the extra calcium with the cauli must be good too! Just love cauli cheese even after that!

  • errrrr I may be wrong but isn't the cheese sauce carbs

  • Depends how much if any flour you put in the sauce to thicken it im sure there are carb free options to thicken cheese sauce (not sure really, i dont like cheese so i only make cheese sauce for the hubby and he isnt attempting to eat low carb ;) )

  • instant mash mix can be used to make a cheese sauce

  • I love that food posts are well read and responded too :-D I adore cauli and, she says smugly, can eat it raw 'cos I haven't a thyroid to be goitrogenous-ed.

    The banana and egg drop scones have taken my fancy in a big way, even though I'm not g-f.

  • I'm not either but I hate over ripe bananas, so it's lovely way to use them up. & my chickens supply the eggs. :-)

  • Fox got my chooks 3 years ago :( Hadn't been well enough to erect electric fence.

    They'd all three survived one attack already. Vet nurse told me foxes were starving and to feed them jam sandwiches. I nearly punched her! Like I'm going to attract foxes to my chooks! If I had considered feeding them it wouldn't have been rubbish jam sarnies either.

    I like very ripe bananas. Have to buy them in a week before they're ready for me to eat.

  • Quite, they are a flipping nuisance!

  • I have chickens as well and they have just started laying eggs again after winter break a sure sign spring is on the way and a tasty treat for my friends and family

  • Envy you the chooks and eggs. How many chooks do you have?

  • I have four girls all ex barn rehomed in a bit of a state last october so was most surprised last week when I went out to get them up and found four eggs and have had four everyday since. they are great company and all little individual charactors.

  • Oh lovely, rescues. If I go again, I'll get rescues too. Hours of fun in the garden watching them. I used to make a warm mash supper and spoon feed them before shutting them in for the night.

  • as bad as me on these cold nights I make them a bowl of porrage for breakfast (with water not milk) and they wolf it down along with any veg left from dinner the previos night. They have this by the back door and then I usually get a cuddle as well.

  • Why are you cutting out carbs? There is some anecdotal evidence that a low carb diet can result in an underactive thyroid. As ever, moderation in all things, eat natural foods and avoid anything processed.

  • I posted this for gluten-free people who also eschew rice. I don't diet as I'm underweight. A low carb diet wouldn't be an issue anyway as I'm surgically hypothyroid.

  • also two eggs will give you all the B vits you need for a healthy diet

  • I've hardly eaten eggs since my girls went to the bloody fox. Apart from the two caramel eggs I've just scoffed (feel sick now). They were bantams and their eggs were tiny apart from the occasional giants which must have made their eyes water (they'd only been laying a few months).

  • I know the feeling I just couldn't find decent eggs while mine were off either I scoffed two cream eggs before and felt much the same way with suger overdose

  • Mine are bantams too, 3 different types, Betsy, Wilma & Lulu! :-D

  • Mine were Orpington Bantams called Clarrie Cluck, Moaning Myrtle and Mable. When they moulted they lost their frilly knickers & flashed rood red bums :-D

  • :-D

  • I cannot stand culiflower normally - but the blitzed wersion was lovely with the chicken stew - thanks for this - brilliant!

  • Oh that's great :-D

  • What a treat - banana scones. I've placed the bananas on radiator to hurry them along! Life with the chickens sounds like a lot of fun . . . thank you for the chuckles.

    'Cream' of Cauliflower Soup:

    Warm a little oil, add a small chopped onion and florets of cauliflower, replace lid and sweat to soften (hold lid in place and shake occasionally, don't allow veg to brown). Add a little rice flour or cornflour and allow to dry out over a low heat. Add 500ml rice milk and 500ml veg stock stirring continuously, bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins. When cooked mash the cauliflower into the soup. If liquidising allow to cool first.

  • :-D :-D at the nanas on the rad! The chooks were great entertainment value :)

    Cream of cauli sounds yummy but the g-f lot will have to substitute summat for the flours. I wonder if potato starch would do?

  • Does rice flour or cornflour have gluten? Potato starch would be fine - I cannot manage potatoes. Only need a small spoonful to soak up any excess oil and to aid thickening. If you use a whole cauli it would probably thicken by itself. Forgot the seasoning: ground pepper. It is yummy, but keep the lid on as cauliflower has a strong smell.

    Can I use the liquidiser on a very short buzz for the cauliflower-rice? Do I microwave without adding fluid? Long time since I've had cauliflower so I don't know my reaction.

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