Confused can anybody help

I had to get a blood test on Friday as part of pre operative checks. I took my normal does around 9am and had my test around 11am. I have been on 75mcg for 9 years always been stable never had a problem. However now my free t4 readings are slightly above range. I have been told it's quite a big possibility my surgeon won't do my op with an un's table thyroid. Could it be possible that my reading was high because I had just taken my medication or am I being too hopefull here.

Thanks in advance

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  • This is most likely because you took your thyroxine before your blood test. The thyroxine would all just be getting into your blood stream. Ask to have repeat test but get the test first thing and take your thyroxine afterwards.

    I hope you get your operation.

    Carolyn x

  • Thank you carolyn. I did this today and get my results back Friday. I thought I'd ask in case I was gettin hopeful over a silly idea. Fingers crossed I get my op. It's all I've ever wanted xxx

  • Nic, it's highly unlikely your op will be delayed because your FT4 is very slightly over range. The thyroxine peaking in your blood stream a couple of hours after taking a dose doesn't mean your thyroid is unstable.

  • I'm worried as the op is cosmetic, not needed for health, so they seem to be quite strict. My nurse said they won't operate on anyone with an unstable thyroid. But she didn't specify what classes as unstable. I've had more bloods today with no thyroxine taken so I am hoping my results are ok. My free t4 was 25.1 with top "range" being 21 or 22 so only a small amount. The amount was so miniscule in my gp's words that he in no way was happy to lower my dose. Thank you for your reply it's put my mind at ease x

  • Nic, the nurse patently knows zip about the effect of Levothyroxine peaking in blood shortly after ingestion and what constitutes an unstable thyroid. Even if FT4 was slightly elevated after 24 hours since last dose it doesn't mean the thyroid is unstable, just slightly over medicated. Your GP sounds a sensible man :)

  • He is lovely. I have 2 gp's at my surgery one who constantly want to lower my dose even when my tests are stable and i'm still feeling cold and tired etc and then the nice one who actually listens and understands. Definitely think you do get a luck of the draw when it comes to a gp. Hopefully my resilts are ok Friday and if not I'm hoping he may write me a letter stating he's happy with my thyroid how it is. Thank you for your help x

  • Definitely.

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