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Useless Doctors Surgery!!

Just phoned for my results of blood test done 8 weeks ago to be told all is normal!!! Yeah right, I really feel normal. GP told me he was going to refer me to Rheumatology and Endo, but neither done. Only results they have is Vitamin B12 = 644 and Folate = 10 and Vitamin D = 74 and they say thats all NORMAL!! is it, not sure myself. Please help??? Had Graves 6 years ago and was put on Block and stop for 12 months then told to go home and I needed no more treatment. I think I do, what do you think please???

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should have added I have loads of symptoms tiredness, joint pain, muscle ache, heart racing/palpitations, weight gain, dry hair/skin, hair loss, brain fog, just to mention a few!! also feeling of fullness in my spleen area on left side. Can hardly move some mornings, doc thinks maybe rheumatoid arthritis because right toe and hand very sore and unable to move fully. Really don't know what to think myself


Hello Gillypop

I am learning that when doctor says normal, what they mean is in range & that doesn't necessarily mean good health for patient. Summon your energy & ask receptionist for print out of results, they may moa by smile sweetly & say you are entitled to then & happy to wait.

Post the results with ranges (yes, they can print these out) on this site & the more experienced will be able to help you.

I've learnt more in 4 weeks being on here than months. Hang in there x


Don't get into debates with them. Just tell them you'll collect the printouts of your lab results with reference ranges included, and for them to have it all ready for collection.



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we cant tell you whats wrong but certainly you sound hypothyroid


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