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discharge visit to endocrinologist and all is well.

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February 5th 2013 down to Glasgow to see the endo . I was happy to tell him that the improvement in my health continues. It has been fifteen months and I can still feel better week by week . I can’t really express the mental and physical change that has taken place since starting the t3. I am renewed and feel better than I have in years which is wonderful. He was a bit concerned that my THS was supressed but I reassured him that as far as I was concerned that was not a problem and I would have a hissy fit if he suggested lowering my dose or stopping the t3 but he was happy and said that a tremor was par for the course for many thyroid patients and I seemed to be doing really well on the dose. He voiced a little concern re., a slight risk to bones and heart but I told him that in actual fact my angina symptoms had improved dramatically since starting t3 which suggests to me that hypothyroidism had been the reason for it. I asked if it was ok for me to continue with the propranolol which I had got from my GP and he said that was fine and the risks were very slight and he was happy to discharge me. I thanked him and the team for all their care which has given me back my quality of life. That is after all what it is all about for life can become a pointless daily struggle living in an empty hole when this often badly treated illness gets you in its grip.

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Have you sent me through this one for our list please? If not, please email me! :-)





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Hi Louise have tried to email you but it was returned to me with error report. Perhaps you could personal message me and I'll get back to you... :)

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I am glad you are getting better.You may already have this link but just for reassurance:-


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Thank you so much for this Shaws. Now I know the mechanism of why the t3 is working and that I am not imagining it so I can reassure my husband and family who still worry about me...

glad to hear that not only of at least one 'endo' that can use their own brain ,but also , bring back the care into the caring proffession. absolutly super news for you.....just goes to prove the point that stress CAN have an effect on all of our health problems /symptoms/and also medications....keep up the good work YOU DESERVE IT !!!!!!!!

Thanks alangardener !!! hope that you are well :)

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