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What do results show

My blood test results for last November and now are as shown below. My symptoms have been slightly better for the last two months when I've been taking 50 mcg of levothyroxine and 10mcg split into 4 doses of liothyronine daily but I still have a long way to go to reach normal health and life. For several weeks before I started taking the doses above I tried taking a higher dose of T3 but it made me feel hyper. I would be very grateful for all help in understanding what these latest tests indicate. I'm wondering if I need to try again to increase the T3. I wonder also why the TSH has risen since November and the T4 has fallen. I'm wondering if I should try and reduce the T4 as that might be one of my problems. I'm basically left wondering what it is best to try next.

January 15 blood test results:

FT4 8.6 (7.5-21.1) (for 7 years on T4 only levels were 14-19)

FT3 4.2 (3.8-6.8)

TSH 5.11 (0.34-5.6)

TPO 1 (0.0-9) with comment that this indicates 'no active autoimmune process' even though when tested in past TPO has been 613 - can this improve to point where it is zero?)

November 14 blood test results:

FT4 12.6

FT3 4.7 (up from 3.4 in October 14 when not taking T3)

TSH 1.97

I'm seeing my endocrinologist next week and hope to understand these better before that consultation.

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Arty, your TSH has risen because your FT4 and FT3 have dropped. You are under medicated so don't reduce your T4. Increase either T4 by 25mcg or T3 by 10mcg, but not both. TSH of someone on thyroid replacement should be just above or below 1.0.


Thank you very much for this. I saw my very helpful endocrinologist yesterday and he said same as you basically.

I'm staying on a total of 10mcg of T3 split into 4 doses through the 24 hours (which he says he wishes more people could do - he thinks that is ideal. I can do this as my GP has prescribed 5 mcg sized T3 tablets which I can cut in half. My local Boots has been able to get the 5mcg of T3 within 3 days and made no fuss. Another chemist just said very difficult and very expensive to get them as they have to be imported. Others might be interested in these comments on T3 5 mcg tablets.

To increase the T4 he has said split a T4 25 mcg tablet and take 72.5 mcg and then try and increase by a further 12.5 mcg of T4.

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