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Cortisol results

Hi I got my bloods back today and my cortisol test was done at 8.15 am fasting. The reading is 753 comments on result sheet says cortisol reference range morning hours 7-10 am 171-536 nmol. So what does my results mean have I adrenaline issues if so am I right in thinking I'm way over and is this whats causing most of my problems. I'd appreciate any advice getting results to private endo Monday and having a synatchen test. Thanks

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I don't know anything about the way results are stated (nmol etc).

All I can say is that my first 8am cortisol blood test came out as just under 1. The testing lab were so concerned they phoned my gp to advise immediately.

I had had a collapse, loss off use of limbs and hospitalised a few months before any testing.

Following day I had a short stathecen test (I may add started it 2pm, if relevant). Results were reported as all ok and in range.

A few months later I had a repeat cortisol blood test, again, within range.

I've read the short stathecen test isn't overlay accurate. If you are private maybe ask for the 24 hour cortisol test.

Info may be helpful to you .



Thanks I'll know Monday when I speak to her


Let me know how it goes x


I will thanks


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