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I had a blood test serum cortisol results came back as normal. I had the test done at 11 am results were 202nmol/L , no ranges given. I don't understand hardly anything about cortisol and was wondering was this a bit low. I'm at doctors on thursday and was wondering if u guys thought they were on the low side. I just don't want to be fobbed off by the doctor.

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Sorry I meant to say hi, how rude of me :(.

Your doctor is not allowed to fob you off, make an appointment to discuss it and get your answers and explain its concerning, just because they understand doesn't mean a patient does, or you could just see a nurse, but results are not allowed to be discussed over the phone.

Hi Jay, If you look at this first diagram, it will show you how cortisol is used in the body with highest levels in the morning and diminishing throughout the day. Most people find a saliva test taken at four points in the day and measuring those is a much better evaluation of your adrenal gland output.

Since at some points you need to be high and other times you want to be low (bedtime). A total result isn't really enough information to know whether you are too high or too low.

Do you have trouble in the morning and also trying to sleep at night?

Hi I have trouble in the mornings,feel like I've been out on he town and have a hangover most days and don't even drink. Night times can vary good sleeps and some bad night.

Hi, that seems low. Take a look at Netdoctor.Co.UK hypoadrenalism, it discusses the ranges.

Thanks for your advice and replys, is there any other test I should ask for from the doctor. Thanks

jay, the best test is a saliva test. Some people go to Blue Horizon and pay privately but others have said their doctor will not accept this as a valid test. Perhaps you should consult your doctor about it.

that is far too low, it should be above 400nmol, and I consider that to be low. next,-- blood serum, half of it is useless as it is bound up by proteins, and rendered useless, they either do not know this or it is ignored. SO It gives a proper reading, not recognised by the mainstream of course!--- I have had many saliva and adrenal bloods done and I had an adrenal crisis an d ended up in hosp all thinking I was mad because of what happened but when I read a page on the internet from the addsions support group yeah-- there was everything that happened to me-- still ignored !!! helever is correct , I went to netdoctor, 5 years ago and printed it off---it reads-- adrenal insuffieciy is simply not considered, one of the doctors on net doctor I went to see, and he did look thru all my results and said low cortisol, however I wasn't given replacement, I have had to rely on my self and a private doc for dhea and preg; that concerts to all missing hormones, I was given prednisolone 5 yaers ago to combat massive eyelid swelling an di never felt so well, bu twhen I stopped after a week I crashed an dbeen ill ever since.. I need that hydro' but can I get it-- NO!!!!!!!!!!!! so, find your proof and do not be told you are fine, also , it changes it should be high in morning for the energy of the day, then tail off as the day goes on, morning noon late aafternon and bedtime shoul dbe low for sleep. I use genova lots use blue horizon.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I went doctors but was full off cold again and she said all bloods were fine. I asked her why did it say speak to doc on some of the results and she looked at her screen and said they were all fine. I asked about cortisol results and said do u think the was on the low side. She said no it Fi e in range, think ranges was 100 to 500 or 100 to a 1000 it was one of the two. I asked her why I was feeling like this then as I have no energy aches and pains, tired all the time and feel like a hypochondriac. She replied I will refer to neurologist. So basically when they see me I will probably be told it's in my head. :(

Hi Jayuk how are you getting on now? I am going through the same thing. Cortisol came up at 181 I am very symptomatic but nobody seems to think my hormones are of any concern. Hope you've managed to get somewhere since you last posted!

Hi Innersmile12,

My daughter had her cortisol tested and she was told anything under 200 should be investigated, hers was 224. They did do some further tests and said all was O.K.

It may be better if you asked this on a new post also, as more members will see it.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply. I have posted is a new post but not had any response yet. Did your daughter get reffered to a endo? I'm really struggling to get anywhere with my GP

Yes she did, but her cortisol at the time was much lower.

She had been taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism and this caused her cortisol to really drop, so her Doctor referred her to an endo She stopped the levo. and when she saw the endo, her cortisol had risen to 224.

They gave her a test called short synathan test (not sure correct spelling) which tests for Addison's, but they said she passed it.

She still suffers from symptoms and is taking thyroid meds. again.

Have you looked at Netdoctor.Co.UK hypoadrenalism that one poster suggested.

Found the info. on netdoctor, here's the link.

Hope it helps.

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