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Cold sores?

I was diagnosed (hypo with massive antibodies-1100 at last count) about 2 years ago and since then I noticed I never got any recurring infections like colds, cold sores etc but this morning I've woken up with the beginnings of a cold sore. Does this have any significance?

The only thing I have done differently is I started taking Vit B complex about 10 days ago.

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Certain B's can stimulate/support the nerve endings - and the cold sore virus lurks within the nerve sheaths when dormant.... ready to pounce ! Could be part of the B's activating things and on the positive side think it's best to think of it as a healing process :-) Some things get worse before getting better :-)

How are your VitD levels ?


That's interesting! I've taken Biotin and B12 before and both times broke out in acne-type zits so this time I thought I'd take a lower dose and so far I have had no spots...I didn't plan on a cold sore though!

My Vit D levels should hopefully be OK as I take 5000mg per day and have recently started taking it with Magnesium as I read that was best.


Pop over to the PAS HU and type in cold sores/spots in the Search Box and quite a few posts will appear :-)

Best to know your D levels - so have a test - along with the Calcium. K2 is the vitamin to take with D. D improves the production of calcium and the K2 ensures it goes to the right places - like your bones :-)

The chart shows you how to dose according to your results....To convert your D result you will have to divide it by 2.5 to convert into ng/mL...


Hi Marz, I've racked my brains but can't think what PAS stands for?

I didn't know about K2-should I take that as well as or instead of Magnesium?

I'm not due to be tested again till April. I've changed surgeries so hopefully they will be more "open" to things than the last one. I've saved the chart in my favourites so I can work out my dosage. Thanks a lot :-)


PAS is Pernicious Anaemia Society


Ah got it! Thanks Shaws.


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