Allergic reaction to cold

Ive been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 5 years ago - and recently been having allergic reactions to anything cold - if i touch it i swell and get red spots all over - if i drink really cold drinks i get a lump in my throat - also my feet and hands get very hot and itchy - if i touch something just a bit cold - does anyone else have this ?

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  • Thats a new one on me. Hypo's are usually sensitive to hot and cold and don't cope very well with extremes of either, perhaps because the hypothalamus is out of sync but I am sure someone else will be along to explain why this happens.

    However, I am not sure the word 'allergic' is appropriate, this is usually the body's response to something taken internally, like meds, colourings in food and a host of others or perhaps the application of creams, household products to the outside.

    Sorry I can't help further, hope someone else can through some light on it.

  • I believe this is called Cold Urticaria. If you search the web, there's lots of information about this condition. Here's a link to get you started

    If you haven't already done so, talk with your GP about this as there are medications that you can try.

  • Well, thats something I have learned today, thanks for putting me right RedApple and apologies to Hadenuff. Presumably it is not specifically related to being hypo?

  • Brilliant site. Even tells you how to test yourself for it.

    I also put into Google "Cold Urticaria and Hypothyroidism" and it does seem as though there is a connection.

  • There's also Cold Agglutinin Disease (which is mentioned on the link RedApple posted above):


  • Thank you for the responses, most likely irs cold urticaria , just another thing to try and deal with

  • Hello I'm hoping I can help you with your problem. I was diagnosed with severe cold urticaria. My senior year I was rushed to the hospital for drinking a slushy. My tongue swelled to the point where it was blocking my throat. I was suggested to see an allergist I was under the impression that I was allergic to blue dye since my slushy was blue. turns out that I tested positive for cold urticaria, I've had it since I was a kid I wasn't as bad as it is now. when walking to school in the winter I got hives on my faces and my ears would swell from being exposed, my hands always itched, and turned really red. when I would go swimming I have full body reactions let me to you will never swim in Lake Huron again considering it is the coldest natural water. I think maybe you should see an allergist and maybe get tested, it is very unpredictable, and very rare, so maybe you should just try it. Good luck!

  • I too have cold urticaria, was very strange at first as I thought I was having a reaction to something I've been eating. Do you do any drugs (pot, etc)? Do you eat Gluten? 80% of the immune system is in the gut so not a bad place to start.

    I've been GF for the past 8 months and it's lowered my tolerance from 65 degrees to about 58 degrees. We eat out too often so I can't say I'm 100% GF, but I don't ever order anything w/gluten anymore. I think it helps but next step is to dig deeper into my thyroid levels...

    Luckily for me, I can still drink smoothies and stuff - I'm only effected on my skin.

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