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Well you won't believe, or maybe you will...... I had appointment today with GP & I was really apprehensive to discuss my ongoing treatment for hypothyroidism. But I suppose i was lucky in a strange way as I should have been given prescription for Vit D3 back in Dec . So while he was been really helpful, I told him how terrible I had been & I gave him the printout of the comments as suggested by clutter.... well you have to make the most of an opportunity. So tomorrow I'm finally having blood test for B12 ferritin &folate. Also started to reduce my PPI's. He didn't read the article whilst I was there, only skimmed over it, but he did listen & was really supportive. Hopefully when results come back we will sort my medication. I suggested he have a read of the article later while having his coffee :-) Couldn't have done it without you guys, so a big thank you ;-)

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  • Well done you as well for getting the information across!

  • Well done and I don't think he will mind, particularly as he may be keen to get you better.

  • It nice when a doctor actually listens very rare

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