Doctor appointment today - what to say

Hi, I have my doctor appointment this afternoon and since I've had so many unsympathetic doctors I really want my appointment with this different doctor to go right. I want to be polite but assertive at the same time but I never seem to get a fine balance of the two. Is it just a question of how I start what I want to say? So for example would saying something like "despite taking the medication and my levels all within normal range I still continue to have symptoms. Please will you help me work out why I continue to suffer" work?

I'm working on a list of points to take with me to the appointment but last night I looked in the mirror and I looked like I was dead on my feet (pale face, dark rings around my eyes) and today I don't look much better. Maybe by telling the doctor I look more tired than usual might help as well as my other 4 concerns? Thanks

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  • Hi Starla,

    Try not to overthink your gp appointment. I used to do that, by time got in I was a jabbering wreck.

    You need to decide which gp you can talk to, and get some action from and stick to just seeing that gp.

    I was at a gp surgery that was so unproative I think they had shares in paracetamol (their answer to everything). I changed surgery & lucky I found a very good gp.

    See how you go this time & go from there.

    Thinking of you.


  • Thanks, I've got the list ready to take with me. It's not too long but it addresses all my major worries. I missed off the low mood/depression on purpose.

  • your first idea is best ...................if you say your tired the ME/CFS or depressed label will be slapped on you

  • Right, got it. Thanks!

  • Don't mention you have been looking on internet sites. They don't like that.

    You are right to tell him that you have been diagnosed as hypo and have been taking levo but that you don't feel any better. Say you wonder if you are converting T4 sufficiently to T3. You would like to feel well again as you want to start a University Course can he help.

    Leave the ball in his court.

    He should start off with a range of blood tests and hopefully T3 will be one of them.

  • Thanks, I've come back from the doctor. Mixed result - in another thread I'll put up.

    re the thyroid blood test - it's being done privately just in case the doctor's own lab doesn't do the two thyroid hormones.

  • Remember to have blood drawn as early as possible for thyroid hormones.

  • The blood test is booked in for Friday 7th at 8.53am but the receptionist told me to arrive at 8.45am to see if they can fit me in earlier than 8.53am. It's a busy practice, I don't see it being done earlier than the time specified unless it's in case of a cancellation.

  • That's early enough and should be fine. Remember don't take levo before it.

  • Oops, I forgot about not taking the meds before it!! Thanks for the warning. :) I take it in the nighttime but I've been getting insomnia so I'd like to go back to morning doses like the doctor has put on my prescription. But if I'm getting the blood test done on Friday 3 more nights is probably it for nighttime doses.

  • If you take your levo at bedtime, just miss this dose. You can take it after the blood test next morning and take your dose normally again that night.

    The morning before your blood test, put your levothyroxine out of reach. Put an alert on your mobile phone to remind you to miss the dose, either bedtime or morning whichever you decide upon.

    I have taken mine by mistake before a blood test and the GP nearly had a heart attack as it skews the blood test altogether which means they may reduce your dose which isn't a good idea.

  • Thanks for your suggestions Shaws. :) I have a mobile phone that has a reminder app on it. It's a smartphone so it should do. :)

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