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Best ferritin level

Hi Ive been having a lot of issues which I'm now wondering are actually related to my back, possibly ankylosing spondylitis. Ferritin was 67 in nov and I've been eating extra iron in my diet s well as taking re spatone sachets but it's now 55.

I lost a lot of muscle and weight due to long term not enough thyroxine which I've now begun to recover so it could be this.

Gp was raising ferritin to see if it helped with rls symptoms in my spine and ribs before trying a medication.

So - what level should I encourage him to aim for? I think he'll be prescribing iron tablets today. What might be best sort?


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Vit D3

are all vitally important and MUST be over halfway in their respective ranges

Theres 3 different ranges for Ferritin alone so 87 or 55 means zilch without the range

Spondylolythesis seems to occur in hashis patients along with hiatus hernia and costochondritis

so be sure the AS diagnosis is 100% correct

You may simply be Vit D3 deficient or your pains may be due to the levo itself


Thanks! B12, vit d are ok (i assume vit d is ok as im taking high supplements, this time last year it was 68 without really much supplementation) confusion over why folate wasnt done. it was supposed to be by endo.

Im confused about the spondylolythesis - ive googled and come back with different things though one is interesting (wiki) as it showed a very tilted pelvis which i often have - i have to consciously pull my tail bone down. Im pretty sure ive had/ am having costochondritis - for the last year.


The gait when walking with spondylolythesis is tell tale and also going up stairs or walking on a incline can be difficult

but the real clincher is you cannot squat down to lift things.......... you bend over instead

which causes even more trouble

it causes hell for my daughter because she also has pelvic instability following failure to diagnose /treat the spondy when pregnant


I can squat easily, I find it comfortable to sit in a squat. I think my issues are upper body/ spine related.

I'm waiting to see an rheum, no diagnosis yet though gp is pretty sure hypermobility is the biggest issue.

I have some ferrous sulphate 200mg x2 a day to try.

No range given for ferritin, other than "<60 deficiency unlikely >200 iron overload. So seems ok to assume that getting ferritin to mid range (above 100?) is wise.


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