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Parathyroid confusion

Can someone please explain this, it is literally written as my doctors notes have. My free t3 t4 and tsh are all normal.

This is in relation to my parathyroid antibody level. Staining seen may also be due to interfering staining from other antibodies such as anti mitochondrial or adrenal antibodies. The parathyroid ab assay has no positive internal control available at present.

I'm so confused please help!

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Is it possible that you have the numbers and ranges of your thyroid hormones with the ranges. If not the surgery should give you a print-out. some might charge a nominal sum for paper ink. Post for members comments. It will enable members to comment.


My ranges are:

Tsh 0.46 normal is 0.35 to 5.50

T4 21 normal is 9.0 to 23.0

T3 4.6 normal is 3.5 to 6.5


Thank you very much. Someone who is knowledgeable about the parathyroid gland will respond.


I see that no-one has responded so assume that no-one on the forum yesterday had knowledge.

This is a link and I hope it is helpful to you. It is obviously distinctive from the thyroid gland but just as important.

I have searched HU Thyroiduk and I don't know if these previous posts will help.

Best wishes


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