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Blood test tomorrow morning....should I still take meds at normal time?!

Blood test is at 9.40 and I normally take meds at 7am, should I still take them or wait til after?!

GP is testing full thyroid function, TSH, T4, T3, B12, iron and another hormone test (forgotten which one).

GP told me to take them as normal or I will get a false reading but I've read on many pages that I should?! Would it make much difference?

Suffering with alot of symptoms (some hypo, some hyper)......don't want to messed around or fobbed off!!!

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oldestnewest on many pages, I SHOULDN'T take them!


It's probably best to wait until after the test before taking thyroxine otherwise you could get a false high result for your T4. If you are taking anything containing t3,such as Armour or liothyronine, you definitely should wait or you'll give your doctor a heart attack with your high t3 (unless you're on the show release liothyronine).

Good luck for the blood test. I hope it uncovers the reason for your symptoms.

Carolyn x


NO NO NO never ever take thyroid meds for 24 hours before a blood test or your doctor will try to lower your dose

Also be very very sure that




Vit d3

are also tested

they are vital and MUST BE HALFWAY in their ranges


Thank you.

GP has already written out the blood form so will have to ask for those tests when I go see him for results.

Wonder why he didn't recommend having those done anyway?!


Usually that's because most GPs and even Endos are downright ignorant of why Ferritim folate, b12 and d3 are so important in the Thyroxine conversion process

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