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Westhroid WP Pure Half Grain..Dodgy batch?


I have been feeling ok and doing so much more on 2 grain tablet in morning and 2 x quarter grain at 2pm. Marked difference from couple weeks before. I swaped to using up half grain tabs instead of 2 x quarter to use them up as they are out of date in two months. Now I am going downhill again -shoulders aching have to keep laying down. Anxiety etc. Whats going on?

do you think I have a dodgy batch of half grain? Nothing else has changed. Anyone else had a less efficient batch?

Any advice appreciated.

C x

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I wonder if you actually need a small increase in your medication. If you have a query I would email company.


Hi shaws,

I am sure I don't need increase as feel worse on 2 and three quarters. Shoulders, worsening fatigue etc. I am sure it's a bad batch as two days on new bottle of halfs and I feel quite reasonable.

thanks for link I will email them.

best wishes



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