Westhroid Pure - Facial Spots and Rash


Has anyone else had any problems with WP regarding spots on face?

Since I have been on this brand it's been constant. It's down the middle section of my face mainly and although they are not bad spots, they keep appearing every day and it's very rash like. I have to pile on the makeup just to cover it all up. Before trying this brand I had reasonable skin.

Can't see this as a side effect in leaflet.

thanks for any input.

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Hi Cat - no, I've been taking them for nearly a year (is this the same as WP Thyroid?) and I've not had any problem with spots/rash. Sorry I can't offer any advice. Hopefully someone will be along who can. But I just wanted to say it hasn't affected me that way. Perhaps try another brand?

Hi Caroline

Bottle is labelled, WP Thyroid, Westhroid Pure, underneath.

Trouble is the quarter grain seems to be only grain size that works for me and I have to make up to 2 and quarter a day. I am going to try a different brand as I am fed up with this one.

I started taking this as it had less ingredients and therefore presumed it would be better for me. Seems not.

thanks for you reply.

Hello Cat69,

I did try this brand, I did not get spots but did get very disorientated, dizzy and feeling very sick and headaches - this happened only after a few days and seemed to take ages to get out my system again.

I hope it settles down

Best wishes

Hi Kitten

thanks for your reply. what are you on now and does it work better for you if you don't mind me asking?

Hello Cat69,

I do not get on with Thyroid meds at all - the Westroid pure was the worst one for me, now I take liquid T4 - which has been the best by far, still can only take this once a week though.

I have lots to do to rectify the 'the root causes' - thankfully it was working slowly

Best wishes

Oh no what a pain...here's wishing you onwards and upwards! I am going to try Nature Throid....see how I get on with that.

Thanks again.

Good luck Cat69 - we will win in the end

i got rashes with ndt, all brands. ndt made me even more ill. I have hashi's and it flared up my disease.

If you are allergic to ragweed, you can have allergic reaction as WP has inulin from chicory root which is the same family as ragweed.

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