My dog has just eaten half a grain of NDT, could it kill him?

Sadly, this isn't a joke. My ever faithful Labrador who is my shadow was quick off the mark when I dropped a tiny half grain tablet this morning, as a result of clumsy, slow hands. I tried to scrape what I could out of his mouth but he had chewed it up very well. The vet doesn't open until 8:30, and even the emergency service takes an hour to organise a consultation, so in the meantime I'm worried about what it could do to him. My first concern is for his heart. Can anyone help?

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No, it wont do him harm. Some vets do provide levo for thyroid deficient animals.

Thank you Shaws, that's a great comfort.

Wow! That link puts my situation into perspective! Half a grain of Naturethroid versus 88 half grains in one sitting. I feel silly for worrying now :)

Please do not worry ! My dog takes 400mcg of T4 daily - dogs need far more than humans and are treated by weight. Labs are more prone to being Hypo anyway - so you may find she is even better than before !

Oh, thank you so much! That's such a relief!

He might have a 'good' day! is he a bit overweight like most Labs? He might get a bit overactive, but should be OK. Just keep an eye on him just in case he might show signs of distress, but I think it unlikely unless he is very elderly. A trip to the vet this morning would be a good idea, though.

It must be a Labrador trait - my Lab/Collie cross would eat anything which fell on the floor! She once swallowed a pair of dice from my son's board game when they flew into the air. My fault for teaching her to catch Dog Biscuits!

How's the dog? Hopefully he is ok. What a shock you must have got. My son's friend was lodging with us during the week when he started a new job. He has IBS and one day he was feeling rough and I said that I had Buscopan if he wanted some. He said that would be great.

I told him where they were and to help himself. Well he did - he helped himself to one of my high blood pressure tablets! We all sat and watched him all night and fortunately he was fine. His partner was so NOT amused when it slipped out at a farewell meal when he was moving out. Think I probably felt then just how you did this morning :-)

If you struggle to get pills down your lab you'll know to just drop it on the floor in future :-D

Haha! Very true. Pretend I really don't want him to have it, and he's guaranteed to steal it :) he is absolutely fine. No effects whatsoever x

I did three rounds trying to get a tab down the cat's throat. I retired beaten and bloodied and stuck the damn tablet on top of the cat's food, like a cherry on a cake. Cat scoffed it down :x

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