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womens problems

Well to cut a long story short. Im 52 been having problems with heavy periods for a while now as you can see from previous posts. Gynae fitted a mirena coil, which has not helped at all. They did find a polyp which they removed and a cyst which was being monitored. At my last appointment this week after blood test a Ca125 with a reading of 72 (35 being range) and gynea now says I might have Endometriosis, I also after scan have a thickening down one side of my womb and says I now need a full hysterectomy. Anybody else having these sort of problems.

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Have you read up on this subject?


Hi, thank you, I have read something similar but i am still very confused as to what it means.


Hi Sharon62

I can relate completely. I felt that I could not leave the house, and had to plan a visit to the loo every hour or less, (I know that I was losing about half a pint a day for the first 2-3 days each month). I am 49 now, but this has gone on since my 20s.

Do you have your iron, ferritin etc checked regularly?

The more anaemic you are the heavier your periods tend to be - a horrible catch 22!

My solution has been double iron tablets (prescribed by the doctor, after blood test - although I had been taking the tablets in a single daily dose for 3 years anyway). And now that I am on T3 and have been self medicating since September (first with T4, then combination and now T3 only) I have had my first ever 'normal' period!

Do you have a lot of pain?


Hi, thanks for reply, over the years i have taken iron supplements, but they are more concerned because of my age, I have been in pain since having the mirena coil fitted, high up in my abdomen, and sharp shooting pains lower down on my left hand side. It hurt when they did scan on my left side and their was no way i could drink the water they suggested and hold it. I started to bleed during the scan again. oh and permanent backache.


I've read that the Mirena is a nasty thing. Any coil tends to make you heavier (I remember it well) and one impregnated with fake hormones is doubly nasty. I'd ask for it to be removed.

irregular menstrual periods, changes in bleeding patterns or flow;

breakthrough bleeding, or heavier menstrual bleeding during the first few weeks after device insertion;

back pain;

headache, nervousness, mild dizziness;

nausea, vomiting, bloating;

breast tenderness or pain;

Levonorgestrel is a fake progesterone (progestin) and may be implicated in certain cancers. If you need progesterone, get the bioidentical hormone or try one of the progesterone creams.

In the good old days you'd just have been sent to the day hospital for a D&C - though how effective that is, I don't know.

At least it should all stop soon, if it is menstruation.

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Thanks for reply, they will be taking the coil out at the same time as hysterectomy.


So long as it is not morcellation.

Please get informed on this because it can be very important to your future health.


thanks for info, i will certainly be getting more information.


D&C is a good idea. The stuff they get out can be checked under a microscope.

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HI Sharon. Even though your test result is a concern, before any permanent solutions like hysterectomy I would still investigate whether it is really your only/best option. I recall from his book that Dr P. has very different views on the treatment of such period/reproductive organs problems while acknowledging that they are very real for us ladies of this age group. I know a couple of friends for whom the 'permanent solution' was just start of a string of other problems related to/caused by their hysterectomy which made me very cautious about the procedure.

Best of luck anyway.



thanks, yes i think i will be asking that very question


This website about hysterectomy has lots of information that you may find helpful :

You might find this info of use too - it is a website based on the writings of one of the world experts on endometriosis (now retired) :


Thank you, it is all rather worrying



you're 52 and should be going through the menopause, you don't need the mirena coil as it will stop your body going through the change. I was diagnosed with endometriosis after the birth of my daughter 23 years ago and had an endometrial resection whereby my thickened womb lining was removed following an induced false menopause to shrink my womb lining. It didn't cure my heavy periods but they did improve until 12 years ago when my periods started getting irregular and even heavier. My gp advised the coil which i refused because I didn't need contraception, I don't believe in synthetic hormone contraceptives and they can cause more damage if not fitted properly (my aunt had a coil fitted and it slipped and made her infertile). My gp only wanted to fit the coil cos she gets paid to do so. Plus, I've since found out that my 'menopause' symptoms were thyroid cancer. If I was you I'd get the coil removed as this may be causing the pain in your side and be stopping the menopause happening. A D&C will remove your womb lining and lighten your periods or stop them altogether.

I hope my experience helps you.



Thank you for reply, I am going to ring gynea on Monday and talk further as its all happening to fast received my pre op appointment for in 2 weeks. How did you find out your menopause symptoms were thyroid cancer and if you don`t mind me asking what were your symptoms please.



I didn't at the time, I thought it was the menopause. It was in 2003 when I started with the typical menopause symptoms and I was turning 40. My GP said I was too young for the menopause and that the average age is 52. I asked her to check my bloods and she refused. It wasn't until my thyroid cancer was diagnosed by chance when I had a CT scan just over 2 years ago to investigate pains in my left side and rib cage that a calcified nodule was found on the right side of my thyroid gland. Further tests and removal of the right lobe in February 2013 finally established that I had thyroid cancer. I only found out that my menopause symptoms were thyroid cancer when I was doing research after my cancer was removed and found a video clip on an American website from a women who was 40 and suffering from menopause symptoms. Her GP did the necessary blood tests and established that it was thyroid cancer. My surgeon told me that I'd had the cancer for at least 4 years and probably a lot longer. I think he told me 4 years because I started with pains in my left side at this time, and I'd been told it was pleurisy, a chest infection, sore throat and laryngitis, these are all signs of thyroid problems. Try not to worry and don't be thinking that you've got thyroid cancer as it is very, very rare and your symptoms would be akin to menopause because of your age.

Good luck tomorrow with gynea, and do PM me if you need my help.

TT x


Thanks, for your help. I think it`s just the shock of what they have said, I need a bit more time to digest it and more information.


Morning Sharon,

I know what you mean by the shock, the medics don't prepare you for their diagnosis and it feels like you're being hit by a sledge hammer. Having a chat with gynea might settle your worries and once you know the full facts you'll be able to make an informed choice.

Keep your pecker up chuck!


Thanks, for the support. xx


Hi Sharon,

How are you today? Did you ring your gyneacologist and put your mind at rest?

TT x


Hi still in a lot of discomfort, i did ring his secretary, who was not able to answer any of my questions, but has said she will get him to ring me, either Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks



Gyneacologist rang today and he wants me to have more tests I have to go in tomorrow for a range of blood tests then I have to have an MR which they will send me an appointment So hopefully when I get results of these I will have a clearer picture, but I have not been right since I had that Mirena coil fitted. Thanks Sharon



First of all I apologise for the length of this reply! You know how emotional and difficult these problems can be, so I hope you will forgive me.

I think that they should remove the mirena before they start considering hysterectomy.

I have many friends who could not stand the coil because of the bleeding. One actually sat in the doctors surgery crying and begging to have it removed as they kept refusing (Apparently it costs £100 to put it in and £100 to remove it!) They did remove it at the end of the day, because they knew she was not leaving until they did.

(I do also know people who think it is marvellous - my sister has not had any periods for years - and I know that it has cut the number of hysterectomies since it has been widely used).

They keep on saying that I should have a hysterectomy or an ablation, especially as I have now completed my family (is it just me, or do you think that they would suggest to a man who has completed his family that he doesn't need them anymore and should consider castration?! Sorry I am an 80s feminist!)

I do know several women who think that a hysterectomy was the best thing that they did and these days it can be keyhole in a lot of cases! I know that if I really needed it I would have it (I have had various cancer scares after smears because there is always some blood - not HPV - but uterine cells in the cervix where they are not supposed to be)but I would try and get a tummy tuck at the same time (I know, unlikely!) but that would be a benefit after 2 c sections - the second for twins. lol!

I presume that I will start to go through the menopause soon, although the doctor (who was unsuccessful in inserting my mirena - she had to give up - despite my having 3 kids!) said that it could be another 10 years until my periods stop, and I am 49!

I am waiting for my next period at the moment, which is due sometime this week. Last month's was only slightly heavy on the first day and then like other people have told me theirs are, for only 5 days (not the 8 I usually have) and - marvel of marvels- I have not bled in between as I have done for the last 4 or so years. I really hope that my self medicating with the T3 and taking loads of supplements has sorted it out. Unless it is now just getting lighter as I get towards the menopause?

It makes me cross to think how much money they would like to spend on intrusive surgeries etc, when I buy my T3 for 2 Euros for 30 tablets, and I can now walk, have better periods (I hope) don't fall asleep in the afternoon and have my own shape face and hands and feet back (the bloating has gone) and the brain fog has gone! I can even think about going out in the evenings!

What did they say at the gynae's today?

I really feel for you as I know that it is scary! I am lucky that I don't have much pain, (only sometimes).

Last new year's eve I had a hysteroscopy biopsy (I think that is what it was called) to rule out endometrial cancer, which was not the most pleasant thing, there was a doctor and 2 nurses and one of the nurses held my hand and was so kind in distracting me. Apart from finding out that I was clear, the whole process involves a lot of 'flushing' and I found that the next 6 months or so of periods were much more manageable! Perhaps an ablation would be good - I just have to find the time to have it and recover (much less than a hysterectomy!)

Please keep me up to date - it is a difficult decision and I would like to know how you are doing.


Hi, Please don`t apoligise for length of reply. I know exactly how you feel, but I have had a dreadful day and ended up at A&E as my pains that only started since i had this coil fitted felt that they were in my chest, I have felt sick and dizzy all morning. Anyhow all was alright according to them and I was then sent to gynae for blood test so that they can arrange MR scan. Since they have pressed on my stomach I am now bleeding yet again, I asked at Gynae could I see doctor as still losing brown discharge and spotting bloody. No doctors available so will have to struggle on till Tuesday as doctors appointment then hoping they will do swabs as think i have another infection. l have been told because I can`t seem to stop bleeding and being 52 and been investigated twice with hysteroscopy. I have a thickening of the womb thinks i might have adenomyosis I have raised CA125 apparently all warning signs so my only option now is total hysterectomy.

To be honest the way I feel at the moment I would go in tomorrow for it.



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