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Having suffered with vertigo like problems for over 2 years now and being told it is connected to Thyroid problems (not by the NHS I hasten to add!) I thought I would share my latest 'diagnosis' given by a Consultant in audiology last week.

He says I have the classic symptoms of MAV - Migraine associated Vertigo. apparently you do not need to have the headache, only a history of migraines. Although as I am past the menopause, I no longer get them as such. He also says that migraines are 'hormonal'. He wants me to take Feverfew (no drugs, which Is novel for a NHS dr) and do 'desensitising' exercises, which I have done before in all the variations, but he insists his are different. the jury is out, but will see!! Be interested to hear from anyone else out there if they have come across this as well??

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  • That is interesting as I too suffered with headaches and vertigo. In my case though it seems that sorting out my thyroid with NDT has really helped. Touch wood I no longer get the vertigo (although when I didn't take any NDT for a day before a blood test, it started to come back). My headaches are much better too, but not completely gone. I feel that a few tweaks in my NDT should sort this though. xx

  • Well that's good to hear. Unfortunately for me the NDT didn't help the vertigo problem, so think it must be a separate issue. But he did agree that MAV can cause exhaustion. Its hard when there are so many 'cross-over' symptoms to separate them out isn't it! I have also in the meantime been to a renowned Homeopathic Clinic in London, and they are treating me too, so am hoping between the conventional lot and the natural ones, something has gotta give eventually!!

  • I used to get a lot of vertigo. The first time was a few years before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but I was already experiencing symptoms by this stage. While I was on T3 only I was fine but after being on T4 for a while I started getting it frequently. It got much worse as my hypo symptoms got worse. Since switching to NDT I have only had a couple of minor vertigo attacks. I was fine unless my head was in certain orientations (as opposed to not being able to stand!). I still get dizzy more easily that other people if I have spun around (have to for karate sometimes) but I mostly don't get the vertigo with any severity these days.

    I'm fairly sure it is related to hypothyroidism. I also get migraines but I have done since I was a child so I don't know if this is related or not.

    Carolyn x

  • I get the vertigo experience when my thyroid is playing up. Had it real bad last year. Gp was treating me for all kinds of things. It turned out i needed to up my meds. I am on levothyroxine only. I still get it some days.

  • Unfortunately, mine isn't intermittent. it is there all the time,but in varying degrees. ie, in the a.m. it's bearable, but as day goes on it gets worse, and then as I get more tired, worse, etc. until the best thing \i can do is go to bed!! I do believe it is a vestibular problem of some kind, but have had all the 'usual suspects' (ie menieres, bvvp etc) ruled out.

  • I suffered from this quite badly when my B12 was low. Since supplementing with methylcobalamin readisorb b12 I have, touch wood, not had it. Have you had B12 checked Lawoman?

  • I wonder if that's the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I have been taking 5000mcg methylcobalamin for a couple of weeks now as I have had macrocytic anaemia for a few years (GP won't test B12 though because I have a good, balanced diet and my iron and haemaglobin are within range - just!) and suspected it was B12 deficiency (thanks to the good people on here). It will be interesting to see if the last bits of remaining vertigo disappear (and the random falling over for no apparent reason!)

    Thanks for that :)

  • Yes have done in the past and it wasn't that low! However I am taking a Bcomplex at the moment, and when used up am going to get a better one - have noted your one down!! Just spending a lot on various other supps at the moment, so have to watch money!!

  • I suffer with intermittent Vertigo and Visual Migraines (no headache but lots of the normal flashing lights etc). Maybe it is connected !

  • I'd say going on what this consultant told me and googling MAV, there's a pretty good chance that it is. I haven't heard of Visual migraines before - so no pain? That's interesting. I don't get flashing lights, but I am light sensitive and always shut my eyes when turning off my lamps at night, and don't use overhead lights in my main rooms, just lamps

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