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levothyroxine 25mg

I had private blood tests Oct TSH 4.560 (0.270-4.2) TPO AB396 FT4 13.78 (12-22) FT3 5 (3.1-6.8)

GP blood tests Nov TSH 5.87 (0.35-6)

He agreed to start Levothyroxine 25 mg.

Had repeat bloods this week TSH 4.69

Went today expecting him to increase levothyroxine but he refused as TSH below 6. Obviously GP still wants to wait until thyroid packs up before any real treatment. I explained about Dr Toft's article about treating if over 5 and TPO AB present. Unfortunately I did not take article this time and did not have to show him last time as he seemed willing to treat. Have at least got him to refer me to a private endocrinologist. Has anybody else had treatment started by GP but then refused to increase with TSH 4.69? Now trying to decide between Dr Boardman, Dr Horrocks and Dr Sankar.

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Maycov, it happens more frequently than one would like that GPs use the same TSH range to diagnose and monitor thyroid bloods once on Levothyroxine. Drop the Toft article into your GP and ask for an increase in Levothyroxine or see another GP at the practice for a second opinion. If necessary change practice because you need a GP who has a better understanding of thyroid than yours has.


Did you take your meds before those recent blood tests?


No, I did not take my meds on morning of test and had blood taken at 8:30 am.

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