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Blood results

My blood results came back yesterday as:

ESR-12 (<10)

WCC-12.8 (3.5-10.5)

Neutrophils-5.84 (1.8-7.7)

Hb-12 (27-32)

Platelets-269 (150-440)

ALT-28 (7-40)

Alk phos-48 (25-100)

Albumin-36 (35-45)

Creatine-60 (53-115)

TSH-9.53 (0.56-4.78)

Free T4-12.7 (0.8-1.8)

I have RA and hashimotos hypothyroidism, emphysema, asthma, possibly RA in lungs and fibromyalgia. I see my endocrinologist today and rheumatologist next week

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Orchidcass, TSH 9.53 is high which indicates you are very undermedicated. FT4 12.7 is usually lowish in range (I think you've posted the wrong ranges).

ESR is an inflammatory marker and I imagine it is elevated because of your high TSH, RA and other conditions.


Lol T4 was only one I didn't have ranges for. I googled it and struggled to find definite ranges. Does anyone know what they should be?

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Orchidcass, the ranges vary across the country and from lab to lab so its better to leave off the range than to guess.


what should it be?


Orchidcass, There is no should be, the range is what it is. The ranges in my area are 9-19 and 10-19. Commonly seen ranges are 10-22 and 12-24 but I've also seen 7-17.


OK so I'm OK on free t4 but not OK for tsh


Well, bottom of the range isn't really ok. Generally people feel more well when it's at least half way up the range (and preferably towards the top).


If your GP CANT/wont give you the ranges then contact the lab where the blood was sent. They will tell you. I understand that different machines are calibrated to different ranges and that is why you need to know the ranges of your lab. I recently had some tests done outside my usual area and got my results in a letter with no ranges. I rang the hospital and asked to speak to the haematology department or the pathology labs could have told me as well.


OK thank you both for your responses x


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