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Blood results

Hi everyone what does it mean I still have antibodies

Thyroglobulin 4.3 ( below 55)

Peroxidase Ab 10( below 6)

Thyroglobulin antibodies 4( below 4)

Trab 0.9( below 1.8)

Iron 16( 5 to 30

Cholesterol 5.8 (3.9 to 5.5)

Sugar 4.7 did drink lemonade just before 3.6 to 7.7

Vitamin D 78 (50 to 150)

Cortisol 246 (100 -535)

WBC 2.6 (3.5 to 12)

Platelets 135 (150 to 400)

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This is a post which may be helpful:-



Hi shaws I had a thyroidrectmy in February I thought that would fix it thanks for the link


What did you think it would fix? Your antibodies are very low, and will go even lower - I imagine - now that you have no thyroid. But, you're still going to be hypo, that's not going to change, and still at the mercy of ignorant doctors refusing to prescribe enough hormone to make you well.


Thanks greygoose that a good question I don't know what the endocrinologist is going do


Might have been a good idea to find out before you had the TT. :(


Grey goose wasn't my idea I was misdiagnosed as having thyroid cancer so find out facts by asking questions first thanks it turned out to be Graves


But your antibodies are Hashi's antibodies. The Trab is negative. If you had Graves, it would be high, because Graves antibodies don't go away after a TT.


I've also been told off the endocrinologist it's Graves and lost 20 kilos in the last 12 months without doing much exercise


OK, well, I don't understand anything. But, if you have Hashi's, then you can swing between hypo and 'hyper', so that could account for the weight loss. But, I wouldn't trust what an endo says, they tend to know nothing about thyroid or antibodies.


Thanks for your reply and I will takes this on board as it does make sense it sounds as though you have had a lot bad experiences with endocrinologists and doctor I can sympathise


You only have to read on here for a few days to realise that endos know very, very little about thyroid, and are keeping their patients sick. In an ideal world, they would be banned from treating thyroid patients.


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