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Results help please

Hi, I was initially diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism in mid November with an initial TSH reading of (79.6), I was started on 25mcg thyroxin which increased to 50mcg at the beginning of December,on 26th December I was advised by my endo to increase to 100mcg. I had a blood test on the 7th Jan and the results are T4 (17.9), T3 (6.0) and TSH (6.68), the endo has indicated I may not be feeling 100% better until March as the body and muscles need time to catch up with the improving thyroid, but I may have to decrease from 100mcg to 75mcg.....

I asked about decreasing my antibodies which were over 6500, she advised that these cannot be decreased?

I appreciate any advice.

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Having experienced a GP and Endo who believe that TPO antibodies are irrelevant and nothing can be done about them, I went Gluten and lacto free and it greatly reduced my antibodies and I felt a lot better. Your TSH was very high when you were first diagnosed and I think your levo dose may have been increased a bit too quickly, time will tell. Do make sure you get iron, ferritin, folate Vit B12 and Vit D levels checked. If these are low you will not be able to make best use of the levo and do not take the levo 24 hours before your next blood test, take it after. When you have your next results (with the lab ranges) post them on here for comment/advice. It could take quite a few months to get on an even keel!


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