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the best brand of NDT?

There is so much knowledge and expertise here, and I am curious...after everything that has happened (reformulations of various prescription NDT brands), which product(s) do you think work(s) best? Armour? Nature Throid? WP Thyroid? Erfa? NP Thyroid? Thyro Gold? Or a combination of any of those, or other products?

I am curious, because I have seen different doctors in Belgium, and they all say different things. One claims all her patients are happy on Armour, another claims most of her patients have switched to Erfa (only those two brands are readily available in Belgium, other products need to be ordered online), so there seems to be no consensus whatsoever...all this is rather confusing.

There have been rumours recently that Armour was reformulated a second (third?) time and is now more like it used to be before the unappreciated 2009 reformulation, but has that been confirmed, or is it just an unsubstantiated rumour...?

I would be interested in finding out if NP Thyroid by Acella is more or less like Armour used to be (I read somewhere that is is more or less like old Armour = pre-1996, when cellulose was added for the first time)? However, it does not seem easily available in Europe, at least not yet...?

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anna69, it seems to be a very individual situation. The best NDT is the one that works best for you. People react quite individually and differently to the various brands. There is also the question of cost and availability which can be a factor. PR

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Only if it was so easy to say 'this is better or that one' but it all depends on the person I am afraid. What suits one person doesn't always suit another, so I am afraid it is trial and error. You may be lucky and feel so much better on the first one you decide to try. I think the reports about Armour are that it's fine now. I believe Armour etc can be prescribed in the UK. There are two hypoallergenic ones, Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid both by the same Company, RLC Labs.


I was on Armour for several months back in 2011, and did great on it. I chewed the pills up as many recommend that. I did very well on 300 mg or 5 grains daily. Then, in 2012, I ordered a new batch of Armour from the pharmacy, and started going downhill. I don't know if I got the "old" Armour the first time around (but would there still be some on the market more than two years after the reformulation?), or if the various strengths are different (the first time, I got 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120 mg pills, then 300 mg pills as it seemed more cost effective)?


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