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NDT vs synthetic combo drugs

I am seeing a so called Hertoghe doctor next week, and I am currently considering whether to stay on NDT or ask for synthetic Novothyral (T3 + T4). The latter is cheap and covered by my health insurance; the former is outrageously expensive (at least in Belgium) and not covered.

I have been wondering lately (given all the problems reported with various brands of NDT) if NDT is really better than synthetic combo drugs?

Some even seem to think that, with Hashimoto's, you had better take the synthetic version, as NDT can trigger inflammation.

I have been wondering more and more lately why I should pay around 1000€ a year out of my own pocket for a drug which may or may not work better than synthetic combo drugs...? In Belgium, only Erfa and Armour are currently available.

NDT also contains T1, T2, and calcitonin. But are those really important? If so, could they be easily obtained by taking any of the OTC products available (Nutrimeds etc) for a fraction of the cost of prescription NDT...?

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I suggest you try the synthetic T4/T3 - you've nothing to lose. If you feel much better and lots do on a T4/T3 mix that's fine. If you then don't feel so good you can switch and at least you will have had the experience of Novothyral.

Many times thyroid hormones can be withdrawn for a while. It doesn't matter whether synthetic or 'natural'. It would probably be due to fillers/binders mainly.


I have tried everything - T4 only, T4/T3, T3 only and originally NTH. All work pretty much the same.

I use T4/T3 only because you get greater control over the ratio of T4/T3. This ratio requirement has changed over the years and so it was easily the best solution for me.

It is also much cheaper than natural and the NHS will give you the T4.

The problem i have with NTH is that many of the patients who use it and say it is better than T4 never tried T4/T3 FIRST. This is so important because T4 vs NTH is not a fair comparison.


T3 drugs only are not available in Belgium, just the combination drug Novothyral which contains 100 mcg T4 and 20 mcg T3 per pill. Of course, that is not ideal, because you may need to tweak just one of the two...

I agree, you cannot compare NDT (which is 20% T3) to T4!


Can you not buy the T3 like we do from the websites on the net. The woman in cyprus is the cheapest and it is very quick delivery. I can message you the link.


Yes, please do! It would be great to be able to order it from the EU.


Mars can you message me the link please?


Hi can u send me the link also please ☺


I have sent the messages. This supplier is the fastest i know and the cheapest. £20 for 100 delivered. She buys the T3 for just a few euros. Just shows you how cheap this drug is really. It is turkish T3

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Thank you so much:-)


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