Any advice please

I have had several health issues for sometime now however GP a joke really. Last tsh was 5.9 and tpo 789 t3 and t4 normal. I'm told subclinical hypothyroidism. I am 42 and told weight loss, puffy skin, completely irregular periods, hair loss, palpitations and somedays sense of severe tiredness and other days absolute go fast is all related to ?menopause. I have had blood tests only eastrogen was high apart from that all normal. Gp says scan showed andenomyosis and that is cause for period issues. They have offered to retest tsh in 1 year. Any advice please


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  • Hi Richard

    Yes, my advice is to change your GP.

    Always get blood tests for your thyroid gland as early as possible, (when you get levo don't take it till after the tests as it will skew results). After blood tests always ask for a print-out and make sure ranges are stated as labs differ throughout the country and it makes it easier for members to comment.

    As you also have high antibodies, you should be medicated. Email for a copy of the Pulse article by Dr Toft. One of the questions is re antibodies and it advises that if antibodies are present you should be medicated. Show this article to your GP who should prescribe. He doesn't know much about thyroid gland conditions (as many of them don't) so its read and learn for us if we want to try at least to improve our health.

    He cannot dispute what Dr Toft says as he was President of the British Thyroid Association.

    I am hypo so I will let others confirm that you have hashimotos which means your thyroid gland will sometimes be sending out too few hormones and others too much.

    P.S. the fact that your TSH is 5.9 he should have medicated although they've been told some nonsense that your TSH has to reach 10. He should have taken into consideration your clinical symptoms but most don't know what they are.

  • Many thanks for your reply

  • You've got antibodies and a high TSH and symptoms that sounds like hypothyroidism. Your TSH is high which means your body is asking loudly to make T4. So if your T4 and T3 is "in range" that doesn't mean it is enough for your body (then you would expect a normal TSH).

    What are the T4 and T3 results? I think they are in the lower part of the range.

    You should try to find a doctor who will prescribe you medication.

  • Thank you, I will get t3 and t4 results tomorrow and post them as I don't have a clue


  • Tsh of 5.9 is in no way whatever "normal"

    Your tsh should be below 1 and your free t4 and free t3 should be near top of their ranges

    i bet yours are anything but

  • Thank you I shall check t3 and t4 results.


  • says: "Controversy remains regarding the treatment of non-pregnant adult patients with serum TSH <10 mIU/L: in this subgroup, treatment should be considered in symptomatic patients, patients with infertility, and patients with goitre or positive anti-thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies." You've got at least two out of four criteria, and because of your raised ABs they're effectively just waiting for your tsh to inevitably rise above 10 while in the meantime you feel miserable.

    The Dr Toft article may help or if they'll retest you get tested early in the morning. A test in *a year* without treatment is out of the question.

    You may want to ask what they're waiting for, and if you are currently unwell, what is to be gained by waiting for your tsh to rise above 10. I found my GP was uncooperative until I brought the Dr Toft article in and then he acted like he knew all that stuff already and increased my levo. Sometimes they are meant to put you off but if you ask them why or bring them other evidence they relent.

    And then there's the option of just finding a different GP. :-)

  • Thank you I had the 5.9 test late afternoon, I will get tfts redone privately next week early in the morning and see what the results are. I have crept up from 2.1 to 5.9 over past 18 mths. Old gp sent me to a specialist and he said subclinical 50/50 chance of developing hypothyroidism in 5 years! Said antibodies could reduce but mine keep increasing......

    Many thanks

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