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New and Looking For Answers!

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year to all!

I'm new to this site, so a little about me I have an Underactive Thyroid have done for 20years I currently take 100mg , basically when diagnosed I was told take this pill and you will be fine .

How wrong my GP was, I still suffer with extreme fatigue dizziness IBS and now Panic Attacks . I am in Peri Menopause and have been prescribed Cerazette a Progesterone only pill to level out my hormones ( let hope this works ha )

Call me cynical but I often wonder if a lot of what I go through is caused by my Thyroid problem .

Any advice or anyone suffering from similar experiences ?

Thank you Amy xxx

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I will bet that no one has ever bothered to check




all 3 must be above halfway in their ranges or your body cannot even utilise the levothyroxine

also never never take your thyroid meds in 24hrs before a test

100mcg is a pretty low dose

what results do you have?


Hi ,

I've had a full blood count before so I'd imagine ferritin and folate b12 would show up .

I'm not sure what results I have I shall have to find out , my dosage does increase occasionally too 150-175 mg but is usually at 100mg

Thank you for your reply Amy xxx


Reallyfedup should also have mentioned that vitamin D needs to be optimal as well.

A full blood count is useful, but it doesn't include a ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 or vitamin D level. These tests have to be requested separately. If you take iron supplements they should be stopped a week before testing ferritin, and ferritin tests should also be done fasting, first thing in the morning.


Hi ,

I don't take any vitamin tablets at present tbh I don't like taking any tablet ha !!

I will ask for these tests

Thank you so much for your reply


Welcome Amy - I hate pills too!

Take lots of Sunshine for Vit D (not there in northern hemisphere Oct to April - go South)

Take liver for low iron & ferritin (lots).

Foliage (greens) for folate (lots).

Oh and lots & lots of liver for B12 - absorbed in gut but if gut poorly - take injections - OR mouth spray. :D see? - no pills involved Yay!


Welcome to our forum Amy

No, I don't think you are a cynic and I believe you have hit the nail directly on the head in that it is most probably all down to being undermedicated with thyroid hormones, i.e. levothyroxine. Levo does work for many who wont be on this site looking for help but for everyone else, we usually have problems. Either with the doctors prescribing too little by keeping us within the 'TSH reference range'. Ignoring clinical symptoms (they don't know them) and treating the symptoms with medication other than thyroid hormones which you probably need.

So, first things first. Make an appointment with your GP. Tell him it's now a New Year and you are now, after 20 years, going to attempt to remedy your ill-health and you would appreciate his help as this is your New Year's Resolution.

Ask for a Full Thyroid Function Test (after 20 years, it's the least the NHS can do). This consists of TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, and Free T3. Some labs wont do these if your TSH is 'in range' (how I hate that word when the person is suffering) but I hope GP requests them. Also ask for a Vitamin B 12, Vit D, iron ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient. After a few days go to the surgery and ask for a print-out, tell your GP you will be doing so. We are entitled to them. Post on a new question your results (with the ranges as labs differ) and members will comment.

Please do not take levothyroxine on the morning of your blood test and make it as early as possible. Take levo afterwards. You should take levo on wakening with 1 glass of water and wait about an hour before having breakfast. If you take your tablet at bedtime, miss this dose and take after blood test (you can also take your bedtime dose as usual).

We have to read and learn if we are to get better. I am, thankfully, now well and others nearly there even if they self-medicate it is making them better than being treated by the medical profession.

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Hi thank you so much for your kind words , I have heard that you have to go Private for the full thyroid test is this so ?

Thanks !!


Your doctor can do a full thyroid test, but if he says he can't or won't you can just deal direct with the lab yourself. Details on the homepage, under testing.

X. G.


Also, I forgot to say, be wary of the synthetic progesterone... Doctors are wary of prescribing it because of the known cancer risks.

You might do better having a look at

Xx. G


This is very interesting thank you very much . I haven't been on Cerezatte for very long so maybe an alternative will be worth mentioning to my GP . I will definitely be asking for a full Thyroid Check ; Thanks again


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