Feeling down, overdid it on NDT and feeling the consequences, haven't taken any for 2 days, feeling calmer but miserable and emotional. Finding great help and support on this site, you people are absolutely amazing, but worried I'm reading so many posts about NDT causing problems not really helping. There must be some success stories......I know it's human nature to only come on here when you need help, I'm much the same myself. But it must have worked for some people......

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  • Jacquid, NDT works well for most people. It can take some time to find the right brand and the right dose but the same is true of Levothyroxine and T3. It's not a quick fix and it can take months to get the dose right. Not every brand suits everyone and you may need to try others if Thyroid-S doesn't work for you.

    You over medicated initially and IMO that can feel worse than being undermedicated. If you haven't taken anything for a couple of days the T3 will have mostly washed out by now and the T4 reduced. Start with 1/4 grain as recommended in your last post and stay on that dose for 2 weeks before increasing by 1/4 grain.

  • Thanks Clutter, I think you're right, over medication has made me feel much worse, not physically, some hypo symptoms have been alleviated, but emotionally, bit of a bombshell, but feeling better bit by bit, will follow your kind advice.

  • Unfortunately and if read this correctly you have been taking Thyroid S ? I took this for about 3 months and it made me quite ill. My symptoms all reappeared along with depression and anxiety. I was on Armour NDT prescribed by my GP which was stopped by the PCT . I did great on Armour but cost in buying it on line moved me to Thyroid S. I have now ordered and taking Armour again slowly building it up to get to the optimal level . Having said that I am aware that there are many who do well on Thyroid S just not me . I hope you find the right product soon and NDT for me has been a lifesaver.

  • Thank you tarotreader, that's interesting, the depression and anxiety has been very debilitating, I might try to source some Armour. Could you PM me on where you get yours from? Thanks again.

  • Jacquie, you haven't given the thyroid s a fair test. Start gradually and work up slowly by no more than a quarter grain every two weeks. If its still made no difference in six months time its not for you.

    Is your ferritin and B12, good?

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