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Dr. just emailed and I am finally optimal!!

Hi all, I am so excited I had to share. I ended up adding the Life Extension Adrenal Energy formula (2 tabs once a day) for a week and then had my blood tested. My doctor called and said that my numbers of Free T3 and Free T4 were finally in the optimal range. I have struggled with not absorbing the NDT and have had to continuously keep raising it. Someone (I don't remember who) suggested it might be my adrenals. I added the adrenal support and it really boosted my absorption of the NDT. Whoo hoo!! And to think that this time last year, I was so non-functional that I was seriously considering the fact that I would have to quit my job (which I had already dropped down to part-time) and go on disability. Everyone around me is amazed at the difference a year can make. I am not quite ready to go back to full-time, but I am so much better. The funny thing is that my daughter was diagnosed with sluggish adrenals several months ago and the supplement she was given had the same ingredients as the Adrenal Energy I am taking, but was a different brand. It must run in the family.

Thank you all for your support and suggestions. I would not be where I am without all of you!!

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Asmile4u, that's a nice belated Xmas pressie for you :-D Thanks for sharing because it can give newly diagnosed people who aren't yet doing well hope for the future.


Congratulations! So great to hear a success story!

I am also on NDT and taking Life Extension Adrenal Energy. I recently had a major setback due to being prescribed an antacid, which kept my NDT from absorbing.

It seems I am not tolerating the Adrenal Energy now (palpitations, low blood pressure), but I know my adrenals need it. Do you take it in the morning with your NDT?


Thanks marci319. I take my NDT at 3:00am. I then take the Adrenal Energy at 6:00am with my other vitamins. How long have you been off the antacids? If you haven't had problems before, the palps and low BP could be from you still being hypothyroid because of the antacids (when I was hypo I had palps and low BP). It took me about a month between when I raised the dosage to when my body had built up enough T3/T4 to not be hypo. Are you taking the full dosage of Adrenal Energy (2 pill 2x a day)? I am only taking 2 pills 1x a day, so maybe if you are taking both doses, try dropping down to just one. I find that the one dose is sufficient.


asmile4u I have been off the antacid for 5 weeks. Last week was the worst so I hope things will get better from here. I have been taking the full dose of Adrenal Energy so I will definitely try dropping to just the morning dose.

Thank you!


Life Extension is a good company. I see this is considered an adaptogen.

So glad it suits you so well.

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Thanks Heloise! Just a confirmation that I am going in the right direction.


Morning,can I ask did you do a saliva test which showed struggling adrenals? Also what brand of NDT do you take? Very encouraging,thanks for sharing.x


Yes, I did the saliva test as well as a blood test. The blood test came back normal (not sure how that is supposed to check levels throughout the day) and the saliva test came back that I was high in the morning and by noon was really low (explained my crashes). I thought that when I was on NDT it would get better on its own, but it didn't so when my Kinesiologist said that she thought I was still low and I wasn't reaching optimal on the NDT, I decided to give the Adrenal Energy a try. I am on NDT from a compounding pharmacy. I am not sure the brand. Sorry.


Hello, I'd like to try the LEF Adrenal energy formula as well: could you please let me know where I can buy it? Living on the continent, I usually order supplements at the NutriCentre, but I checked their website,and they don't seem to stock this product.

Thank you for your help!


I would check with Amazon. I know that they have it on Amazon US and Amazon UK, so I would think that they have it there as well. I have all mine shipped to me.


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