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It's been 3 weeks

Hi everyone, I'm lisa and new to the group. 3 weeks ago I found out my thyroid went underactive. I'm currently on no medication, I'm waiting to see a endocrinologist 2nd January. I am going out of my mind literally and I can't control I feel as though I'm going crazy. The weight gain has been even more rapid, that's making me depressed, I'm tired but I'm not sleeping much. I find it hard to have a simple conversation as my words come out all muddled and feel confused a lot of the time. A few weeks back I had an overactive thyroid all I got was bad anxiety & nervousness, no weight loss at all! I gained. I can't really go through all the feelings because there's too many! I feel I'm still getting symptons from both over and under is that possible?

Merry Christmas to all be lovely to hear from you x

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With Hashimotos you can get both hypo and hyper symptoms. Please make sure that you are tested for it. You will need a Free t4 and Free t3 test to get a better idea of what is happening, but most doctors don't do the right tests and only give one kind of med. I'm so sorry that you are going through this..i know all about it too well! It is unbelievable what a person can experience. ..oh, and most doctors will tell you that most of your symptoms are not related to your condition..I would see if anyone here can refer you to a good doc right off the bat, rather than go through years of torture!


Welcome to the forum! So sorry you are feeling rubbish. Read up what you can on the Thyroid UK site but it can be hard to digest when you feel muddled and probably a little frightened. Try not to worry. Easier said than done I know but you are now amongst friends and we are here to help you. I have learnt a lot through being in this group. Anything that you don't understand then ask. Nothing is to trivial, we all understand because we have all been where you are now. When you get any results then please post them and remember to include the ranges (usually in brackets ). These are important because labs differ. Also post if the doctor says your results are normal. They may be in range but may not be optimal or normal for you. You also need to be patient as it can take time to find out what is best for you. Just to confuse you some symptoms are the same for being under or over active but in time you will be able to listen to what your body is saying and have a better understanding of what is happening. One thing that is useful to do is to keep a diary of your progress-wish I had! Also jot down how you feel as well, what improved and what was still lingering. Keep in touch as there will always be readers familiar with your particular journey to hopefully wellness.


HI It does take months to get the thyroid right and often worse before better. You will get better once the treatment works.

Best wishes,



Rockylil, always, always ask for a print-out of your blood test results - it is your legal right to have them - and it is essential that you keep your own personal records, both for keeping track of your progress - or lack of it - and for posting on here when you need advice. Make sure to get the ranges with it.

When you go for a test, make sure that it is as early in the moring as possible, because that's when the TSH is highest.

As silverfox said, symptoms for both hypo and hyper can cross over, but it's also possible to have both at the same time because whilst one part of the body can be hypo, another can be hyper. And if you do have Hashimoto's disease, you can swing from hypo to hyper. Weight gain can be either hypo or hyper. The feeling of going crazy is common to both, as well - but don't worry, you are not going crazy, your feelings are very real and have a physical cause.

Between now and your appointment, try and relax - I know that's easier said than done - but it's what you need to do. Just tell yourself that all you are going through is a 'simple' hormonal imbalance and can all be sorted out. Even if you don't have a very good appointment with the endo, it's not the end of the world, there are always solutions and we are here to help you find them. Sit down, have a cup of tea and breath deeply (a lot of hypos don't get enough oxygen due to shallow breathing, and that makes things worse!). And just remember : it's not you, it's your thyroid!

Hugs, Grey


I had bad anxiety for over 20 years and I'm hypo when I finally got to take levothyroxine the anxiety faded rapidly. It's not gone completely but 90% improved which is fantastic. Keep your chin up because at least you've now got a hope and ending in sight.


Sounds like you are in the extreme phases of Hashimotos Thyroid or have a multi nodular goitre

what tests have been done

what are the results

Cannot understand why your not being given any meds

what has your doctor said ?


Rockylil, welcome! This probably isn't exactly where you expected to find yourself, but at least know that on this forum no one thinks its all in your head. If you haven't already, you'll discover that the endocrine system is the unsung hero of everything that goes on in your body.

Yes to everything others have said. And these handy tips:

-- take someone with you to every appointment if you can. The thyroid brainfog, the fear, the tiredness all conspire against you being able to process whatever is being said. Also, you're more likely to be taken seriously and less likely to be fobbed off.

-- don't get your expectations up too high that any one appointment is going to be "it"

-- keep asking for whatever you decide is best for you, no matter that you feel like a broken record

I should say you're very lucky to be seeing an endocrinologist straight away. Try to find out if someone at the practice you've been referred to is a thyroid specialist, not diabetes specialist. Demand to see that person if you can.

And put it on post-it notes all over the house: you are not crazy, this is hormones gone mad. Slowly you will get better. Leave the post-its in place as treating the thyroid is a slow-motion process.

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Hi. I know exactly how you feel - I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos. My Tsh was 8.7 but I have most of the symptoms of hyper but some hypo. I can't put on weight, I have no appetite, feel very down, then very anxious and panick, hot then cold and digestive problems. My specialist doesn't want to treat me until all my symptoms go to hypo as he thinks it will make me worse. Hope you get somewhere with your doctor.

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I assume your doctor has done an antibodies blood test, otherwise they wouldn't know you had hashimotos?

Please email for a copy of the Pulse Online article by the ex President of the British Thyroid Association and in it he says, if we have antibodies, we should be prescribed levo to 'nip things in the bud' and show to your doctor for a prescription. As it is the antibodies are attacking your thyroid gland and you will eventually go hypo but if you are prescribed levo it may help with your symptoms.

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Hi yes I have had a thyroid scan and antibodies blood test - 1800 result so I was diagnosed with Hashis but as I have mostly hyper symptoms he said he wants to wait. It is frustrating but not sure what else to do. The anxiety is worse . I will e-mail Louise as you suggested thank you.


Hi, if you can get your test results, post them on the site. They should give you the results for all the tests done with the readings and the ranges. Lately I have been asking for the printouts of mine, and they give me them everytime.

Hopefully you will have had a thyroid antibodies done - TPO test. I had one done a week ago, and have been hypo hashis for more than 5 years. I was diagnosed on TSH test alone. Now I ask for the TSH, T4 and T3 on every blood test. I don't always get what I want, as my practice only monitor by the TSH. Last bloods a week ago I had to fight for T4 and T3 to be done as well, but got there.

It's good that you will be seeing an endo. Hope that your endo is supportive.

Also, ask for the following tests:

parathyroid (D3 & calcium)






These all should be at the upper end, and will all impact on how you feel.

Merry Christmas x


Hi everyone, very overwhelmed at the miniute with all your truly wonderful comments and advice. I was diagnosed last year with overactive thyroid and was put on 30mg carbimazole, last month I felt very strange and told my GP my hormones are all over the place, so sent me for blood tests which I never asked for print outs but I will in future. I'll make sure I'll post my results so you fab guys can give me more support and advice. The reason why I'm currently on no medication because my GP knew nothing about thyroid functions so made me an emergency endo appointment she did say keep taking 5mg carbimazole but I'm not. I know it'll take time to find the right balance of medication I'm really looking forward to seeing my endo and getting on the road I used to know and love. As of today I'll keep a record of my ups and downs feelings etc just to see if there is a pattern.

Hope your all having a lovely Boxing Day

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Rockylil, not sure why you aren't taking 5mcg Carbimazole advised by your GP if you've gone hyperactive again.

It's handy to have a medical notebook. You can note symptoms and questions you want to ask GP/endo, note answers and blood results. Until your thyroid function is stabilised you'll probably find you're very forgetful. I was hypo but would forget what was discussed in consultations if I didn't note it down.

It's a good idea to bookmark any useful links on your condition. I often found I needed to read things several times before I could make sense of them.


My GPs words, I don't know nothing about controlling the thyroid, I've gone underactive. I'm seeing my endo in a Week so I'll be on the correct meds :-)


My apologies, RockyLil, if you've gone hypothyroid of course you shouldn't be taking Carbimazole. I hope the endo consultation goes well.


Hi Rockylil sorry to hear that you are feeling so awful at the moment.

You will find lots of support and helpful advice from other sufferers on this forum.

Before I joined this community I felt completely bewildered by my all symptoms just as you do now.

Its quite normal to feel as though you are falling apart . The non stop fatigue ,anxiety , memory problems and difficulty concentrating just make everything seem 10x times worse.

I have been Hypo for about 10 years and like many on here I have struggled to cope with all the seemingly bizzarre symptoms .

I have been carrying out quite a lot of research lately and realise that GP's are simply not equipped to manage issues with the endocrine system effectively.

My Doctor has been reasonably supportive but my health has deteriorated to the point that I decided this year take full responsibility for my own health.

It might be helpful to take a simple checklist of your symptoms with you to your meeting in January. It will help your Endocrinologist get a full picture of how you are and ensure that you remember everything that you wish to discuss with them .

I use a checklist like this one to make a weekly record of my symptoms which I have found helpful.

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This is a link which you may find helpful:-

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thank you very much for the link . So much to read little time ...

I'm determined to learn about my condition so that I can restore some health... that is if my poor memory permits !


Hi You will get better. Don't worry we all have those symptoms where it is like trying to talk with that huge piece of cotton wool like you have at the dentist's sometimes in your mouth. Also when you see the Doc don't make weight gain your premium concern. Once you tell them that they seem to focus on that and send you away with diet books. although you have had the tests done and it shows you are Hypo.

What you may find with the Hashi's is that if you are undermedicated you will feel tired but not sleep and your adrenal levels may be out of kilter as they compensate for the lack of thyroid hormone.

I found a low carb approach to food or a ketogenic diet seems to work well. A lot of other people find that with Hashi's that gluten free diet works for them. A lot of the weight will probably be fluid retention which is a problem with being hypo. When I first tried the Low Carb diet I lost a 1lb per day for a week. Then it slowed down but it was fluid.

Stay positive



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