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Core/ tru cut biopsy

Had one of those yesterday with US - a little more uncomfortable than FNA. I asked if my nodule had grown and apparently 2mm bigger which was dismissed as difference in recording. What! Good to know there's accuracy! Last one done a month ago. It looked to me as if it had changed more mottled imagery rather than clearly solid with half different. Not forthcoming at all with info although they were surprised I had had this crazy hoarse voice for 2.5 months. Had the vocal chords checked my first ENT visit but sore throat and hoarse voice is not down to a cold as my GP insists. Wait and see what comes back in two weeks or so.

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Nickinoo, I think they aren't forthcoming with info because the scan has to be reviewed by other radiologists in conjunction with the cell biopsy to avoid the patient being given incorrect info.

I hope you get good news early in the New Year.


Hi Clutter yes you are right they are just being careful.

The last Dr talked me through the imagery which was really interesting for the FNA.

Doesn't stop the wondering head though :)


Nickinoo, Did you watch the FNA on the screen? I found it fascinating to see the needle moving in and out of the nodule but not feel it.


Yes all that stuff fascinates me - not squeamish at all. FNA I watched avidly the core biopsy the Dr wouldn't let me kept telling me off for turning my head to watch when he was trying to get 'good samples'.


Lol, Nickinoo, my doctor turned the screen so I could see more easily and explained what was happening. Wish it had been in glorious technicolour :-D


Yes I wanted to know more as the image has changed. He said he'd talk me through it at the end but disappeared whilst the nurses were sticking me back together with big dressing for a wee wound. Grrr. I am so not patient. :)

I think we have talked before about why yours was taken out. I too feel like it affecting my breathing and swallowing - it feels really full down there. Consultant said all in my head so not sure if they are going to do anything. Not sure how that feeling can be made up and clearly he's never been there to experience it.

Incidentally there was quite a bit of swelling in my neck area. My muscles either side of my trachea stood out but gluten free diet may have started to sort that out. Definitely easier but still full.


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