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I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am not doing so great with levothyroxine. My autoimmune antibodies are still high; my TSH is 2.2; but I look more hypothyroid since being on the pills - I've gained almost 10 kilos in 10 months.

A friend recommended Dr Chapman in London. I've made an appointment with him. I was wondering how others got on with their appointments with him. It's a lot of money and I want to be sure I'm not wasting my time and money.

Thanks for your help.

Replies via private messages please, in line with posting guideline #22, thank you.


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Before you splash out on seeing someone privately I suggest you read up as much as possible about Hashimotos. Perhaps you have already. Very few Docs/Endos seem to understand the complexities of Auto-immune conditions.

There are 829 posts for Hashimotos under Topics on the right side of this page - have a look and see if anything helps. Am happy to suggest websites and books - so do ask if you do not have the information...

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005 and have been helped by the people on this forum more than any Doc.... ( apart from Dr P who gave me the confidence to listen to my own body and monitor my own health :-) )

How are your levels of VitD - B12 - Folate - Iron - Ferritin - Iron ? All need to be towards the TOP of their ranges and not just in range. Ferritin around 80/90.

We mostly have to help ourselves with Hashimotos I'm afraid....

Hi, I can't tell you anything yet, but I've got an appointment w Dr Chapman in mid January. I've had cancer and my thyroid has been removed, but now my TSH, free T3 and T4 are fine, but I'm not.

I see Dr Chapman, have been seeing him for a few months now. I'll PM you.

pm me too.thanks.

Could you pm me too please.

Could you pm me too pleae;-)

If you have time to PM me too regarding Dr Chapman, that would be great thank you!

Dear Luby, if you could share your experience with me as well, I'd be totally grateful.


Happy to help if I can, but I'd rather you ask for specific questions about what you'd like to know more about Dr Chapman.


Has he helped you? Do you feel better. I'm considering seeing him soon. Thank you.

Luby, please could you share your experiences with Dr Chapman.  Many thanks


I have under active thyroid and being treated with levo but don't feel. I'm considering seeing specialist personally and trying to find out if Dr Chapman is worth seeing. Can you please let me know how your experience with Dr Chapman was.

Hi Ahsank,

I went to Dr C for about a year. He put me on Nutrithyroid, b vitamins, d vitamins, and omega 3. I did feel like I had more energy but none of the weight shifted. It was my husband that noticed me having more energy! I am so used to being tired and fighting through that I didn't notice my improvement until it was pointed out to me!

With Dr C we talked about Armour, but I didn't go that route. I've since stopped the nutri and am just on Levo.

I have also stopped going to Dr C too. I don't live in England so it's difficult to see him. I also felt that the whole process was v v expensive. When I last spoke to him he was talking about gut testing that costs upto 1000. I think that was it for me. I'd already spent over that with him and couldn't keep up with that sort o spending.

I found him to speak v v quickly and maybe not listen as carefully as he could. He certainly likes the sound of his own voice. I think I was hoping for a saviour who'd explain how I feel and make me feel like the old me.

So I don't know what to say, you have to try what you think might help you. And maybe he'll do more for you than me. Just make sure you go into it with your eyes and wallet open!


Thank you. That's very helpful. Lots to think about.

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