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Adrenal Fatigue Succesful recovery

Hi all, has anyone ever succesfully recovered from Adrenal fatigue and therefore went back to their old self? If yes, how did you do it? I am struggling with Adrenal Fatigue + Im hypo as well, but Im not medicating the hypo since its advised that 1 resolves the Adr Fatigue first but I cannot seem to get over it + when I tried Eltroxin (its a Levo) it really messed me up so I stopped.

Im currently using Enzyme Process Adrenal glandular 200mg 4xa day, multivite, zinc+C+omegas, magnesium citrate, Ferrous Fumerate+C, B complex, B12, probiotics, MSM, Himalayan salt in water. I take pills from the moment I wake up and every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day until I sleep. Granted I have a hectic life, I am a mother to 10yr+8yr+6yr olds and I work full time, I am trying to get a couple of months off work to get better. Please help !!!

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Whoa.... Not medicating the hypo? You sure about that? I understand not medicating for a week when you first start treating adrenals, but just leaving your thyroid hormones off altogether?

My own thyroid was poorly treated for a few years, I needed t3 because I had stopped doing the t4/t3 conversion thing after losing weight. It resulted in poor adrenal output, making me feel incredibly weary. I did a saliva adrenal test, then found myself an adrenal forum and I took cortisone in a split dose for two years. All the while monitoring temperature... And gradually decreasing the cortisone.

Its several years on now, I am fine. I would do it again if I had to, it made a huge difference. Here is the link to the website put together by the adrenal forum.



Interesting post. Thank you for the link to the 'Adrenal Fatigue' webpage. I have often wondered if people with thyroid issues are misdiagnosed....


Think you know the answer Eubabe, taking time off work would be helpful towards healing. There is no quick fix unfortunately for adrenal fatigue. It would be wise to consult an adrenal fatigue specialist and to spend out on adrenal saliva tests to monitor your progress. It is very difficult when you are a mum to three young children and the responsibilities of life, it is vitally important you look at all stressors in your life and avoid like the plague stressy negative people. As a mum you can easily lose your identity, running around looking after everybody else and find it difficult to say no sometimes or even think about your own well-being, but you must do this and toughen up. I am going through this at the moment with my adult children, am having counselling to help me feel a stronger sense of myself, that I matter too. All this plays a huge part in getting well. We can become overly responsible for all and sundry instead of letting others become responsible for their own lives, this does include small children as well within reason. Too often we keep giving out and do not get much in return, this of course is why our adrenals become so fatigued. You don't have to lead such a busy life, it is the choices we make, simple can be more, look at expectations and how ridiculous they can become these days. Try practising Mindfulness Meditation, look up Jon Kabat-Zinn or Thich Nhat Hanh to get a better perspective. Sometimes we are distracting ourselves with all the busyness to avoid dealing with our feelings. Many cultures lead simpler lives and they are happier for it. I hope this gives some incentive towards your own journey of healing. Take good care of yourself you matter too.


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