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My lovely GP ran the tests I asked for and Ferritin came back at 127 <15-300>. Is that a bit low? I am sure I read here that to utilise thyroid hormones it needs to be mid range at least, which would be 157.

B12 and folate were both well above range - the subject for an imminent chat with GP - so how to raise my iron? I eat meat, red meat, offal and a good range of veg, nuts and seeds.

I am in NDT

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It's a really good level, no need to worry about raising it. Ideally it needs to be above 70, and you're well over that.

Sometimes gender specific ranges are used for ferritin, and for women the range is often shown as 15-150.


My ferritin was 27! The doctor said that is fine ! I have a vitamin d deficiency and no thyroid anymore so on levothyroxine 200 daily


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