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Hi everyone, tis the season for writing Christmas cards and although you'll already have pestered everyone you contact regularly about the petition, like me you might have a few people in your address book that you don't talk to often, but do exchange cards with. I'll be putting a note in with mine this year.

I'm still asking all my customers to sign and there are a lot more at this time of the year so I'm hoping to get more signatures that way. A few have taken the time to e-mail me to let me know that they've signed but, of course, I can't stand over them all to make sure they do.

We all received messages recently about the new feature on HU, but I'm assuming it's not possible to send a message to all members to wake up the 'sleepers' and alert them to the petition. Instead, perhaps we regulars could make sure that the link gets more attention by posting it more often. At least we'd get the newbies that way. We could treat it like a kind of advent calendar, but with the closing date in mind, and make sure it's mentioned every day or so. I know some of you are already doing a fantastic job of promoting it, but I'd really like to see us make some progress reaching the other members here.

For anyone who hasn't signed yet:

link corrected by admin

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Thanks LuckyKat, you are right, this does need to be posted much more frequently!


This is BRILLIANT!!! And has been duly pinned! :)


Can't email all the users I'm afraid. :( HU does not allow groups to utilise the group messaging function. x


Days left - 113

Current Number of Signatures - 7,796

Signatures needed to get a response - 2,204

Signatures needed for it to possibly be discussed in the House of Commons - 92,204

Sign, share, tweet - thanks! :)


Current number of signatures: 8,003

Sign, share, tweet - pleeease :)


Ask Santa to sign as he passes...


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