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Thank you to all the kind people that have signed out petition. We are almost at the 1,100 Mark, how amazing! John Woodcock, our local MP, has said that now we have reached the 1,000 mark the issue can be raised in Parliament. However, as the plans for an election has announced this had been put on hold for the foreseeable future. Following the results of the election and once the winners are suitably installed in Government, we will be making arrangements to get the ball rolling again and get this important issue raised.

In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, please sign and share the petition and continue to support us.

Many thanks


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Post the link again for others who might not have seen it.

Sorry shaws I had a Thyroid moment when I did the update deesbees has kindly added the link. Many thanks to all the Healthunlocked friends for your support x Moyra

Sorry it's one of those ridiculously long links but i just found the link so hopefully here it is (ish!)

Thank you deesbees I am afraid I had a Thyroid moment when I put the post on the forum I was just going to add the link when I see you had added it for me. Many thanks for all your support. X Moyra

Lol i know those!! I put it in as it made no sense not to once id found it. Good luck honey x

Signed with a long ranting comment... oops :)

Thank you for your support fibrolinda we need to shout about the injustice shown to Thyriod patients from the rooftops. So the more comments and signatures we get the better it will be. We are seeing changes taking place at local level now but need the changes to be and hugs Moyra

Everybody sign.

There are 50,000 people who thought to become members on here.

Be an active member - don't just sign up and contribute nothing! Post on the boards!

Support the polls (it doesn't affect me, but who's to say it might not one day)!

Join Thyroid UK!

Thank you Helena877 you are right we need to shout it from the rooftops about the unfair treatment Thyroid patients get. Thyroid problems can strike at any age, and we never know when that will be,so please everyone sign and share this petition. Many thanks Moyra xx

Signed. I don't know how I missed it the first time round, I usually sign anything anyone wants me to (as long as it's not cheques. Lol)

Thank you for your support Ellie-Louise x Moyra

Have signed the petition. Thank you so much for this initiative. Keeping fingers crossed for a good and decent outcome.


Thank you, JGBH for your support we need as many people to sign as possible Our MP is very supportive but until the elections are done and dusted we can't move forward with the petition but we are ready to take up the fight as soon as we are able love and hugs x Moyra

Thanks Moyra. Do hope T3 can be returned to prescribing!


Yes that is what we are hoping for xx

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