TUK Petition is 10,004 :-D

Huge thanks to those of you have signed and made a huge push to share and persuade others to sign. The petition will get a response as the 10,000 level has been passed.

Unfortunately, it will have to pass 100,000 signatures to get it debated in Parliament but it would still be helpful if anyone who hasn't yet signed would do so.


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  • Its a start

  • Done !!

  • That's great news but let's keep signing

  • Aw well done , c'mon people we all have to sign this pleasešŸ˜

  • I hope we get there, signed a while ago, will post to friends again, just in case someone missed it. :)

  • I regret that the response is likely to be as bland as the one I had from a junior minister on all things thyroid including research.

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