Good doctors in Bournemouth?

After being let down time and time again, I've not been to a doctor for about 4 years. I have had a chest infection for 3-4 weeks and I honstly felt I'd rather end up in A&E than ever have to look at my doctors face ever again.

I had 2 positive ANA tests, positive lupus coagulant test, low end of normal thyroid and lowish iron. I was prescribed antibiotics. Naturally I told them to shove it and never went back.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hiya is there another gp practice near by you could change to, I think they let you do that now. The doctors at mine are quite good for general stuff, which is in kinson. Mind you when it comes to thyroid issues it's a bit like banging your head against a brick wall! I'm the se as you, low normal levels and all the symptoms. Trouble is with most doctors they don't look at the current research etc. which shows it's beneficial to treat low normal thyroids.

    Hope you get things sorted if you do find a good doctor for thyroid issues let me know

  • thats what i did i ask around if anyone knew of a better doctor.

  • I've requested a list of recommended doctors from somebody off one of these groups, I believe one is based in Bournemouth, I'm hoping so.

  • Which area of Bmth are you in?

  • I'm in Southbourne but have a BH postcode.

  • Idiopathic pneumonia can be caused by lupus. Probably a good idea to see a doctor if you can.

  • Dear MaverickUK. I was so sorry to hear you have been struggling with a chest infection. I have had the same problem. Mine turned to asthma so my husband bought me a nebuliser. They are expensive but probably like everything else are now available on Amazon or see what Boots might have perhaps. They give your lungs a bath with steam (not hot) and are a brilliant therapy. It's a good alternative to antibiotics if you would rather not visit the doctor. Also you could grate at least 3 teaspoonful of ginger into a tea and then find a way of eating the ginger mixed into something. I also bought once something called Pukka which came in a little dropper bottle from a company in Bristol. We live in Cyprus so had to leave the nebuliser behind and after the flight which is never good for my chest, we spent a couple of days in a hotel with a pool and steam room. I spent a lot of time swimming and coughing after every length followed by a relaxing time inhaling the steam. This is a wonderful natural way of dealing with a chest problem and although it's expensive it is good to know there are other alternatives out there. Extra vitamin C and vitamin D3 (chole calciferol) is recommended too (Amazon again!). Do a google search on natural cures for lung problems and see what you can find. I'm a christian and am very grateful to know about the healing power of Jesus so we pray a lot. Perhaps you would like me to pray for you, it all helps. Wishing you all the best, it is very frightening not to be able to breathe. Do hope you can find a way to get on top of the thing. Amigthalia

  • I too am having no luck in doctors listening to me. I was only diagnosed in 2009 after years of knowing something was wrong and after the doctors kept saying I was borderline through blood teats, I took a list of symptoms and they agreed I had hypothyroidism.

    I have been with Southbourne Surgery, 17 Beaufort Road since 2011 and told "I will always have this problem and the thyroid levels change so frequently" so why is it only tested once a year! Fed up with being fobbed off but did insist on being referred to an endocrinologist but had to fight to get it.

    Anyone had better luck with another surgery in Bournemouth? Any replies would be appreciated. Thank you

  • That's possibly the worst news I've had in a while. I was just about to sign up to this surgery in hope that id find somebody to listen.

    I am now on 3 grains self medicated. My physical health has never been better. My exercise recovery is brilliant.

    But the brain fog is still horrific. I know that there's more going on in my body. I just can't find anybody to listen and help me :(

  • I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.u went there yesterday as had three uper respiratory tract infections in last 3 months and now overactive bladder.nothe bothered at all.trying to blame on menopause which I'm nowhere near yet but I have another 20 or so symptoms which are thyroid related.theie answer is antidepressants

  • I am stressed out of my mind. Not because I'm depressed but becuase I'm sick and my doctor refused to help me.

    I'm going to join the surgery anyway as I need to start somewhere :(

  • I know someone who was at that surgery for many years, she suffered dreadful anaemia and was constantly prescribed iron pills, anyway she moved, and the new surgery were very concerned, after investigation she was booked in for a hysterectomy all within three weeks of being at new surgery, she asked why she could not just keep taking the iron pills and was told, no because she would die! Needless to say she is so glad she moved!

  • Ok try Dr caballero she is good but part time and hard to get to see or Dr had very good experience with the others

  • The others just said I was depressed but I'm not I just want to feel better as you do

  • I went to see Dr Daniel Jeyatheva. He listened, asked questions and fully understood where I was coming from.

    His specialist interest is endocrinology which no doubt helped a lot.

  • I've just got out of my appointment and the doctor was amazing. The best I've seen in my life.

    He has ordered a full blood panel inc b12, folate, ANA, thyroid antibody and has referred me to a specialist.

    I feel elated to say the least. I feel hope for the first time in my life.

  • You had a better experience with that doctor than me.hope you get some answers.I had to beg for a referral.been waiting since November.appointment is in the meantime I have purchased ndt.another doctor there has agreed to support me if I fund myself

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