Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion

These are some rather sobering statistics from the CDC in the US. You will notice they don't

even mention autoimmunity which is thought to be number 3 behind heart disease and cancer. PR

Chronic Diseases: The Leading Causes of Death and Disability in the United States

Chronic diseases and conditions—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.

•As of 2012, about half of all adults—117 million people—have one or more chronic health conditions. One of four adults has two or more chronic health conditions.1

•Seven of the top 10 causes of death in 2010 were chronic diseases. Two of these chronic diseases—heart disease and cancer—together accounted for nearly 48% of all deaths.2

•Obesity is a serious health concern. During 2009­–2010, more than one-third of adults, or about 78 million people, were obese (defined as body mass index [BMI] ≥30 kg/m2). Nearly one of five youths aged 2–19 years was obese (BMI ≥95th percentile).3

•Arthritis is the most common cause of disability.4 Of the 53 million adults with a doctor diagnosis of arthritis, more than 22 million say arthritis causes them to have trouble with their usual activities.5

•Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, lower limb amputations other than those caused by injury, and new cases of blindness among adults.6

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PR, I'd like to see how they think chronic diseases caused by autoimmunity can be prevented. It almost reads like patient blaming.

People have to die of something. What do the CDC and other organisations want us to die of?

If it is opened up to all causes, number 5 (for the USA) seems to be:

Accidents (unintentional injuries)

I thought number 1 was prescription medecine, over-prescribing and hôpital mistakes - medically induced death!

I bet a lot of those chronic health conditions are caused by drug side-effects.

Thank you. There are so many obese people these days, I feel so sorry for the children. In the UK we are fast catching up with the USA.

But they don't seem to consider that obesity might be caused by a thyroid condition. I bet a lot of it is!

Might also be related to gmo or over processed foods as well

True. There is so much sugar in processed foods! Not to mention all the nasty chemicals!

Yes, I agree with you. How many go to GP stating their symptoms and unexplained weight gain. They are ignored.

I am from the US, and many of us, along with you, have been wondering for quite some time if these "self-induced" diseases are a direct result from GMO's and drugs, as the occurrences of disease has sky-rocketed.

You are fortunate to have been enlightened and taken action against the GMO's. The powers that be over here are fighting like hell to keep the people from being educated about GMO's, and have repeatedly prevented the labeling of it on packaging. In the US, the studies have been rigged to favor the producers of GMO's, which is no doubt in most everything not organic that we're eating.

Their's and the pharmaceutical companies' roots are so deep and twisted in our society, that it would be a catastrophe for them if they were stopped. God help us all.

Unfortunately for all of us in Europe and the US, if the TTIP treaty between the EU and the US goes ahead, then the US ends up with our lack of banking regulations, and the EU ends up with the US lack of food regulations. Everyone's a loser except the owners of big business.

Right you are.

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