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Has anyone had any problems with the recent ALTERNATIVE purchase arrangements with <admin deleted>


22. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription.

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Hi bomap, we're just trying to order and my usual for Mexican T3 won't now take credit cards. I've been using them for two years without a problem, but my previous order is now 4 weeks and overdue.

Just looking at another site who says it will accept Visa then when you click on that they are asking for a bank transfer or PayPal.

Do we need this stress??


Yikes, that doesn't sound good. I've got about three months left but I'd better not leave it too late just in case.


Hi punctured bicycle, we've just dug out the credit card statement and the payment hasn't been taken, yet we had an email thanking us for our order!

I have about 40 days left and now feeling very stressed. We've ordered from another site we haven't used before which I don't like doing.

Good luck with getting yours!


Crumbs, poor you. How irritating. Good luck to you too!


This is from a previous post:-


I think I may be about to experience the same problem. :( I tried to order T3 last night and got an odd message when I tried to pay using Paypal. I *think* the idea is that they'll send me an email so that I can pay directly, rather than through the site, but no email has turned up yet. But like Helcaster, I've had an email saying the order has been accepted. It's all a bit unnerving.

Things are getting bad. I've already had to switch internet pharmacies once this year because Barclaycard wouldn't pay them - even though I rang Barclaycard up. They tried to tell me there was no sign of the "attempted" transaction on my account. I tried twice, no joy, and eventually bought elsewhere, but now I'm getting really worried.


I've always had to pay by Visa debit card, my cc company blocked my card as they thought it was fraudulent use. Strangely enough fairly recently I had to contact my bank as they blocked it, despite doing this regularly for a couple of years!

It is a worry though.


I've been ordering for two years from the same online pharmacy without a problem. My last order was ordered on 2nd November, we had an email that the T3 had been dispatched, but looked on the credit card statement and no money has been taken. Only a few months ago we ordered, it came within 18 days without any problems. What is going on. My partner who usually does the ordering has emailed them. If all along they haven't sent the T3 out and haven't told me I'm going to be really angry. My supplies are low and I don't even have some NDT as a back up.

I'll let you know when I get a response. X


I`d be very careful with online purchasing, because the internet is full of scammers & fraudsters. Iv`e just been ripped off by a company called Derma Youth, who were offering free samples of face cream on the internet, just postage & packing being the only charge. I now find that heyv`e e mptied my bank account, & I`m not they only victim, just go on facebook & check out "victims of Derma Youth".


The problem is hairyfairy what are we supposed to do when we're self medicating. I only use sites I know others have used and until the last few days have never been let down. Using a credit card online gives you some security as you can stop the payment or get a refund. In 2 years I haven't had a problem until now, when I can't get T3 from my usual supplier. Of course if the NHS provided Liothyronine as we're told they should, we wouldn't have to do this :-(

I would never give my bank details online, only use a credit card. I hope your bank is cooperating, what a terrible thing to go through. I have been the victim of fraud and I know how stressful this is.

I really hope everything gets resolved for you, and thanks for warning everyone.

Hugs. Xx


Hi Bomap. I ordered from Mexico on 4 nov. My order has arrived today the 2 dec. I had to use my daughters Visa cc. I couldn't use my Master cc.

Betty x


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