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Online chemist ?

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Hi all, I live an village and their is only one chemist , I currently have prescription for 125mcg levothroxine and annoyingly they tend to only have 100mcg of mercury and then give me 25 of Teva even though I always request in advance they say they often struggle with getting mercury 25’s , annoyingly I have picked up today and they don’t even have the mercury in 100s so I have been given 100 teva and 25 wokhardt, sorry if this is a daft question but are their online chemists that would send my prescription out to me ? If so can any one recommend / confirm they can request mercury ? Kind regards Ian

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I just googled "online chemists england nhs" and found five, just on the first page of results. I don't know how they work, sorry. They all require prescriptions.

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ianskelly in reply to humanbean

Thanks for taking the time to do that, wasn’t sure if it was possible due to the nature of the medication

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to ianskelly

My Vade Mecum document has information on how to find online pharmacies in each of the four nations of the UK.

There is absolutely no issue with it being levothyroxine. (There are, in general, only issues with Controlled Drugs or things that require special measures for transport.)

helvella - Vade Mecum for Thyroid

The term vade mecum means:

1. A referential book such as a handbook or manual.

2. A useful object, constantly carried on one’s person.

Please don't get put off by the number of pages!

Nor by the fact it is targeted at people interested in thyroid issues. Much of its contents could be of use to many involved in health issues. Things like abbreviations, lists, general reference information.

In particular, it is not intended that you sit and read the document. Just that you download it and know you can look things up.

If there is anything you'd like me to add, let me know.

Not everything is in this one document - my major medicines document is still separate!

From Dropbox:

From Google Drive:


I used Pharmacy 2U for a number of years, your surgery can send your prescriptions over electronically, in the normal way. The online pharmacy will receive it, dispense it and send out the meds by Royal Mail tracked service.

You need to create an account and can log in to check the progress of your orders. And if there are any issues with stock they should email or phone you. They were pretty good to be fair. I only stopped using them as they were struggling to get one tablet in, which only has one manufacturer.

If you are considering an online pharmacy I would contact them to see which Levo brands they regularly stock. And if you prefer/need a specific one, make sure its named on your prescriptions.

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ianskelly, Yes there are online chemists that you can sign up to for delivery of NHS prescriptions.

BUT, even these pharmacies will only be able to supply you with whatever brands they can get hold of. Recently there have been quite a number of people reporting supply issues with MercuryPharma brand levo. See this pinned post here

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ianskelly in reply to RedApple

Many thanks RedApple

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Request GP add note to all your future prescriptions

“No Teva “ …..or Mercury Pharma brand only

It has to be written in certain way

helvella do you have details on how this must be put on prescription

List of pharmacies

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to SlowDragon

No. I have been unable to find any formal way of expressing NOT something or other.

There is a section of the British National Formulary which covers prescription writing. But it is not comprehensive:

There is a bit in my Vade Mecum about prescribing by brand - which also links to this:

Still no understanding of how to say NOT anything! But it is clear that specific makes need to be identified on the first line.

Hi I request my repeat prescriptions approx 5 days before on the nhs app and ask for mercury only , thanks Ian

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See what I have added to:

Advanz Pharma, levothyroxine AND liothyronine

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