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Hyperparathyroidism causing hypothyroid? Or the other way around

Hi everyone I'm just looking for some info and help regarding parathyroid and thyroid problems, if they can Co exist or one can cause the other.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism.

My tsh was about 4.2 6.8 8.0 etc so always elevated. My calcium was 2.70 2.69 2.61 2.74.

I also have osteopenia in arms spine and on the way in my neck.

I have read that thyroid problems can rise calcium levels as there can be a problem with calciton. Which acts against the parathyroid hormone. Calcitonin decrease calcium levels in blood and phosphorus.

Where as parathyroid hormone increases blood calcium and phosphorus loss.

I have a lowish vit d low to low normal phosphorus and raised calcium.

I was started on a low dose of thyroxine which raised my free t4

I was also started on cinacalcet to normalise my calcium and supress parathyroid horome.

Since normalising my calcium with cinacalcet the low dose of thyroxine has made me hyperthyroid so I have now been told to stop taking thyroxine.

So I am thinking and so are my doctors that my parathyroid problem had caused a problem with my thyroid since my calcium has been normalised my thyroid has normalised.

However I know it is very complicated

but surely if I just hadon't a thyroid problem it wouldn't be causing high calcium and low phosphorus.

All so confusing... maybe I'll health and a parathyroid problem has caused issues with my thyroid regulation. .

Any help would be great thanks much appreciated

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Do you have copies of your blood test results, with the ranges, as it makes it easier for members to comment. I don't know much about the parathyroid so cannot help. Even though the state 'normalized' maybe it is not 'normal' for you.


This is a link which may be helpful. Hyperpar... is on the left-hand side.


I have this I know this is 2 years old! What did you find out about your thyroid and parathyroids? :-)


It's not unusual to have both thyroid and parathyroid problems, are you being treated ?


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