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New Feature - Follow!

Using the newly introduced "Follow me" feature, HU users can now get updates whenever a post they follow has a new comment or when someone they follow posts something new.

This is how it works:

To Follow a person: To track a particular contributor's latest posts, click on their profile (icon) and then click on the "+ Follow user" button. (The button changes to a "(green tick) Following". You’ll be notified of any new post they write. Plus their posts also appear pinned alongside your newsfeed (hint - right hand column). You won’t see their private posts from communities you’re not part of.

Please note - anyone you follow will receive an email letting them know that you are following them.

To Follow a post: Just click the "+Follow Post" button at the bottom of any post (located to the right of the Recommend button) and you will get updates whenever someone posts a new comment on that post. Please note - this does not include replies to other people's comments. It also appears pinned in your newsfeed (on the right hand column under "Recently viewed posts).

Your list of followed users and posts on the right side of your news feed shows you everything you’re tracking.

Want to stop following a post or user? It’s easy, just click on the Following button on the post or the user's profile.

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to post them below! :)


Ps - Thank you to Neil from CLLSA for the original post which I have shamelessly plagiarised for our use!

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Thanks for posting Louise. Should be useful when I have worked it all out.

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Useful explanation !! Thank you :-)

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Please bear in mind that, although we are one big happy family here, it is rare that anyone knows who people 'really' are.

Now that you can be followed, it may be worth being a little more cautious about mentioning details of your own personal circumstances and/or identifiable information about GPs, Endos etc.

Just a thought...



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