Opt Out of Following

Opt Out of Following

Hi All

HU have just let us know that people can now opt out of being followed by other people.

You need to click on the down arrow next to your name on the green bar, then on 'account'.

If you scroll down you will see the option 'Allow other users to follow me' with a tick box. If you untick this, people will not be able to follow you.

As far as we know, this will NOT stop people being able to follow posts that you have posted.

I'm afraid I have no idea how you would achieve this on a smart phone or tablet.

I know that some of you were not comfortable with the idea of someone following you, so for some, this will come as a relief.

Please bear in mind that you permanently lose all your followers if you disable it.

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  • 😢 the final option doesn't come up on my account preferences.


  • Hi Jelly.

    Please confirm that you are NOT seeing 'allow other users to follow me' on your account page. Thanks!



  • Hi Louise,

    Found it now, thank you.

    I should have scrolled down much further. The declaration bit made me think I was at the bottom of the page ...oops.

    Thank you x

  • No worries! :) xx

  • NOT seeing "allow other users to follow me"

  • Hi Foxglove

    Have you been right to the bottom of your account page?



  • Thanks Louise, no I had not been right to the bottom of my account page!!! - silly me!!!!


  • No Worries! :) x

  • Louise, it might be a good idea to put this in 'pinned posts'. PR

  • Thought it was..... *sigh*



  • Thank you Louise, although my own concerns weren't so much being followed, as being followed by a particular person whose motives were already being questioned in other communities.

    There is also the matter of who some people really are and if they are here for their own health or for entirely different purposes, so I am glad that HU took this seriously :)

  • Me too! :)



  • Thank you for this, Louise. I was quite uncomfortable with the fact that I had several messages from 'followers' and I did question HU about providing us with a choice to accept or reject at the time. Being followed with no say in whether you want to be or not feels like being stalked...

  • I can only agree. I am glad that they listened to people's concerns! :)



  • On another Hobby Forum I belong to, if you join in on a post you get an email alert whenever someone adds to that posts, so you don't miss the on going conversation, but having someone follow you every time you post is like having a stalker. ;) :)

  • ;)

    You can still follow posts, and you will get the same sort of thing! :)



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