More responses on the BMJ 'Bad Medicine: Thyroid Disease' article

More responses on the BMJ 'Bad Medicine: Thyroid Disease' article

This is the blog RedApple posted two days ago:

As I write, there are now 23 rapid responses. That is, four new ones today! They now run onto three pages, so if you're new to this, do make sure to click onto the second page and third pages so that you don't miss the very first ones that were posted.

And of course, don't forget to click the 'Like' button as you feel appropriate!

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  • I went and clicked LIKE on the ones I agreed with yesterday. When i went back today it let me click LIKE again and registered my vote - so go back and bump them up :)

  • yes vickiti am doing this too LOL :D

  • I suspect their system will detect that and ignore second likes. Simply being allowed to click does NOT mean it accepts them.

  • I don't know Rod, when I clicked the number changed from 32 to 33....mmmmhhhh

    anyway, I don't mind 'trying' :D

  • I've just "liked" all of the good ones again - some of the numbers really jumped up when I did that. Other times when I have liked them the numbers haven't changed at all - not sure what is going on :D

  • I shall go and take another look! MF

  • I thought the last paragraph of Rod Hewitts 12th Dec post on the above subject on BMJ was very apt.

  • Even if they do discount them they will at least realise that there are lots of desperate hypos out there who are willing to sacrifice time to clicking buttons!

  • there is plenty that i would like to say- do yu have to pay to be able to write on the bmj?

  • No - I think I had to register but it was quick and easy :)

  • I believe once you register, it gives you 2 weeks free and then you can't re register again unless you pay. Correct me if I'm wrong. x

  • It's a great shame that more doctors and specialists aren't adding their voices. The comments are predominantly from patients which most doctors don't care much for. :(

  • Completely agree with you - and Des Spence's original article has very slowly incremented to 33 likes.

  • Oh no! That just shows their mentality. But I also think the anecdotal evidence from patients hasn't helped - the BMJ is a scientific journal.

  • The BMJ is just one more sounding board for evidence-based medicine, a pseudo science funded by big pharma. But I agree, it is a shame so few doctors have responded to the very unscientific Des Spence, but then what can one expect of them. Even if they disagree, most will be scared to open their mouths.

  • They will be reading it though. The doctor comes across as ill informed and prejudiced and there are many of those. The patients all sound as if they know what they are talking about. The system doesn't require them to think, just to tick boxes and their training is inadequate. I wouldn't want any child of mine to be one. Any independent thinking is soon knocked out of the majority of them and they are not allowed to do the best for their patients.

  • There is another response, this time by a nurse. I have "liked" it :)

  • Thanks Clare. I keep thinking it will have gone quiescent, so give up looking back at the pages. Then up pops another response!

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