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New to site but I am a member of B12 site.

I have been suffering from thyroid problems for about 15 years having been treated in the private sector. Due to circumstances I can no longer afford Private. I have neem on 75 mg levothyroxine and 1 times 60 Armour Thyroid for the past long time.

My question is will my NHS GP prescribe me AT because although I can get it privately I can not afford it. My last blood test 1 year ago which was private gave the following results can anyone explain them to me and dies the dose I am taking seem right.


TOTAL THYROXINE(T4)96nmol/L59 - 154


TRIIODOTHYRONINE(T3):2.1nmol/L1.3 - 3.1

I had the blood tests done at about 5 pm in the day but I had taken my medication that morning.

I want to visit my NHS GP explaining I have been on the AT for many years and just hope he will agree to prescribe them. I will also get him to do new blood tests for me.

Any help much appreciated.


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Welcome to our forum,

By taking your thyroid hormones in the morning your blood tests will probably be skewed. I believe 24 hours is a gap between medication before blood tests.

Most doctors or endocrinologists will not prescribe for Armour Thyroid although occasionally you hear of one that does. I would ask your GP to refer you to an endocrinologist and email and hope there is one who will by sympathetic to you. Even though they may not prescribe Armour they may be willing to add some T3 to your levothyroxine which will be helpful.

The main thing to consider when on thyroid hormones for hypothyroidism, is how we feel and if we have symptoms we aren't on an optimum dose. So an increase would be due. If your TSH blood test result looks too low some doctors will reduce your dose of thyroid hormones as they take more account of the blood tests than the patient's symptoms.


Thank you shaws. Can you tell by looking at my last blood tests what they mean?


If you've taken medication before the blood tests, those results will not be accurate. But your TSH is suppressed. Your T4 in the middle of the range and so is your T3.

The very best way to know if the dose of medication you are taking is working is going by 'how you feel'. If you feel well with no symptoms you are on the right dose.


Your results are not right in my book

you should never take thyroid meds 24hrs before test

i suspect you cant convert levo into t3 your cells are screaming for

has ferritin and folate been done should do it

Other NDT is available much much cheaper than Armour

GPs often will not prescribe on NHS depends on area but you can ask


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