Sudden attacks of weird smells and tastes. Anybody get them or know about them?

Been getting these for quite awhile now. First smell to arrive was Yardley make up powder. I put down to a passing old lady and her reminding me of my late Nan.

Then it moved on to, acrid smoke, think more long the lines of cigarette tinged with plastic wires being burnt. That also gave me the same taste and feeling as though I was breathing it in an out. My breath in and out feels hot as though I was very near a fire.

I reported that to a locum GP, as I was experiencing mega heavy nose bleeds and massive headaches forming in all manners and pains. He said it appears to be a warning and to monitor what I was doing, what happend when they arrived. He also asked was I stressed out and dosage of the Levo, and had my eyesight changed, which it had and does when some of these weirdies arrive.

Now I have fresh wet wallpaper paste smell, taste and breathing it in. Thats way to gross tasting and breathing it. That set me off in a right old panic, Very horrible experince.

Hard to describe but I seem to get a pre warning,before these things arrive. I cant describe it other than sensation as though top part of my skull is lifting off. Nose bleeds dont always arrive or do the headaches. Sometimes its like a switch to my hearing where it feels like somebodies upped the volume. Eyesight blurring or a general feel surreal moment. I can also get what I can only describe as a must flee now sensation. That one is relavity new and have only just noticed it.

Sometimes I get the floaters, weired eyesight occuring.Which would fit with the headaches but the other things occuring either with or without the nose bleeds and or headaches.

Its just these other strange things that are bugging me, as I have to ask people can they smell whatever it is I'm smelling.

.Anybody else come across these sensations?

Im an underactive, with Hashis and positivie antibodies, lymph glands up and nodules on thyroid, taking LEvo 75mgs & 100mgs alternate dosing.


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34 Replies

  • yes I get this, like phantom smells,burning iron, toast, hypersenitive hearing, my skull feels weired, Im not medicated but have hashimotos, I researched this and a few things have risen, high cortisol ( adrenaline) or apparently mini fits, feeling of depersonalisation for a few minutes, I get flashes of light and floaters. I have positive antibodies and glands swollen, with multinodular goitre.

    Try not to worry, not quite sure whats causing these bizzare symtoms, it also could be sinus infection, I dont have the nose bleeds.

    Have a look at phantom smells, it is hormone related. I dont feel its the medication that is causing this, as I am not medicated.

    its definetly some kind of hormone problem.

    hope we both get some more information.

    hope this helps x

  • Glad I'm not alone. I am begiing to question my sanity with these things occuring. Pains I can deal, with but the wierdies they frighten me.

    I know what you mean by the depersonalisation it really strange.

  • Don't want to worry you but my fiance was having phantom burning smells and dejavu symptoms around 6 months ago, nhs kept fobbing her off saying nothing serious etc etc. She finally decided to pay for a private mri scan for it to turn out that she has a malignant brain tumour. Please take this seriously and ask for an immediate mri

  • Oh how shocking for you. I'm so sorry.

  • :( That is awful! I hope her treatment works for her.

    My mum was also dismissed even after losing the sight in her left eye (was told it was probably a clot). It turned out to be a massive brain tumour (luckily benign but had already done a lot of damage) and the specialist estimates it is about 15 years old!

    I wish you and your fiancee all the very best.

    Carolyn x

  • Never smelt rubber and the GP said that one is a sympton of brain tumours. I will bring these weirdies up again and ask for a full investigation.

  • Hi ravenhex

    I have had migraine since childhood, not very often, and these have always started with increased sensitivity to smell and smell hallucinations as I call it, often smoke. It would progress to me seeing smoke as well and then I would definitely know pain was coming. As migraine is liked to hormone levels it might fit in with what you feel.

    My son also has migraine and his starts with nose bleeds and dizziness and a feeling of things being unreal. He has had it since he was 3 and I knew when it was coming as his personality would change and he ask me "are you real".

    I was put on propanalol 13 year ago for prevention of migraine but have only recently found out that that this can be used to treat hyperthyroidism ( I am hypo) so make sure that you don't get that prescribed.

    Hope you can get to the bottom of this as I know it can be scary


  • I'm with alanc on this one. Get it checked out asap! It may be nothing but it is important to get it checked out to be on the safe side.

    I used to get this a lot but I have minor brain damage and epilepsy. I would be wanting to get this checked out as soon as possible to be on the safe side. Please ask for a referral to a neurologist to get this checked out. It may be nothing to worry about but it is best to make sure.

    Carolyn x

  • Yes, this is a neurological symptom which may or may not be caused by something serious. Can be a benign thing like a kind of migraine aura but can also precede a stoke or be a symptom of tumour.

  • Hi don't want to scare you but my daughter used to have this happen before she had a seizure before she was diagnosed, just a thought good luck

  • I had migraines in my early teens and used to sleep my way through an attack. They soon stopped. The headaches I get are nothing like those I used to have, its like I get every other varient of headache except those ones.Sometimes all at the same time. Never as a teen did I get any of this, only precursor I got was a slight buzzing in my temples.

    I shall take this back up with the Dr just for peace of mind at least

    I dont scare easily, its more or a now whats gone wrong stance I take. How can one little organ cause so much mischief..

  • Ive smelt burning wood on and off for years, occasionally flowers too,

    I had an MRI a few years ago and it was normal, although I didnt get it because of the smells, which I dont think Ive ever mentioned to a doctor, they thought I was already mad, no need to give them more amo :P

    Floaters (which I have lots of) are apparently normal for anyone who is short sighted, and worsen with age - according to an optician I saw, although they did dilate my eyes just incase there was anything that needed looking at further - which there wasnt.

    So while there is a possibility that there could be something more serious wrong, dont think that because you smell strange things that you necessarily have a brain tumour. Good to get out ruled out though, nothing like peace of mind

  • I would love to smell burning wood, love the smell. My last eyecheck didnt show anything up and he did a real good check up of my eyes, I hate that bright light so I think Im pretty clear not foriegn objects in the brain dept. Will still check though just incase.

    I can now add, chlorine to the werid smells, taste and breathing it in. plus a new one weirdy feeling of it in my nose. I can only describe as though I'd gupled down a swimming pool accidently and spluttering it out my mouth and nose. I could honsetly feel the water in my nose. Now Im really worried.

    No nose bleeds or headaches, although I do feel like half my heads missing and the other halfs about 15 degrees to my left and Im floating in between.

    If the bodies trying to tell me something I think morse code might be a better form of communication than weirdys.

  • I too keep thinking I smell smoke, like cigarettes or singed hair at times. This is only since I have been taking thyroxine for the last 2 months. I also find I cant smell perfumes as I did before. I love the sanctury products but at the moment they smell odd. I was thinking I was imagining this but tried a search on here and find others also notice changes. I will tell my doctor when I next go, but I am begining to think my doctor thinks I'm odd!!

  • I suffered from smelling and then tasting a sweet chemical smell for several months. It would be strong at different times. In all other respects I was healthy, so I did not assume that there was a medical cause, even though the smell was driving me mad. As the smell accompanied me everywhere I concluded (correctly) that it was on me.

    All washing products, whether for your clothes, hair or body contain chemical products and scents, so I immediately suspected these. I first changed soap, shampoo, deodorant etc. which did reduce the smell. However, it was the towels in the bathroom that finally gave it away for me. My wife had changed to a supermarket own brand of washing product. The effect of this was not only were my underclothes and clothes affected but the bedding, towels, tea-towels etc. The towels were a particular nuisance as I would wipe the smell on to my skin when drying myself.

    The washing product was changed and after a while, the time taken to wash everything and desensitize me to the smell, the smell went. Now this may not be the solution for everyone, but before thinking that you have some chronic ailment you should look for a more obvious cause.

  • I've now learnt these are called auras they are a illusion/hallucinating state. Most form as a warning of seomthing going on to you. As in nose bleeds, migraines or fits.

    They can be just smell, just taste or just touch or a combination or all 3. Auras should be reported and monitored by GPs and Endos if the patient is hypo or hyper thyroid.

    Most settle and many can be stress related.

  • That makes a good deal of sense, because the brain is the organ which is extremely sensitive to lack of thyroxine and is therefore quickly affected. 'mental illness' and hallucinations have been well-documented in the past as hypothyroid symptoms.

  • I have floaters and occasional flashes but the biggest annoyance is the constant smell of "car exhaust" It's so strong it gives me headaches.

  • Bassier i left a comment below

  • Hello Bassier i too have been smelling exhaust fumes for 6 days now, i did go to my doctor he has never heard of this but i did my research and gave it to him, he did a physical i do have thrush and now im on medicine i also had a ct back on 6-13-2013 it showed nothing but retention cyst i got the ct due to headaches anyways i have blood work scheduled for monday he wants to wait to c me again on thursday to see if the smell goes away, i will probably just call him and tell him to order another ct, what i found on the internet is brain cancer, olfactory hallucinations, temporal lobe seizures, sinusitis im hoping for me its just my sinuses, if i find out why this is happening i will write again..

  • Thank you for your reply. I owned a house a while back and used to smell exhaust but thought it came from the neighbor across the street who worked on small engines and such. I also smelled smoke occasionally and would walk through the house to make sure everything was ok. I even opened the doors to see if someone had a bonfire going or was burning wood in a fireplace. Nothing. I have since moved into an apartment and the exhaust smell followed me. I never thought to mention it to my doctor but now is the time. It's so bad I get headaches. You have no idea how relieved I am to know it's not my imagination and others are having the same issues. I appreciate your answer and hope to find out something soon. Please keep in touch if you wish to. Pat Bassler

  • your welcome Pat, i have seen no one else comes back to the site after they post so we really have no idea if they even went to the doctor or not and probably wont get answers, i really thought i was going crazy until i seen these posts. I decided around 6 pm tonight to go to mt ER but it was a 3 hour wait so i will go in the morning, i did make an appointment with a ear, nose throat dr. but they cant get me in until july 27 and i'm not waiting that long and my regular dr. never has heard of this. I mean we are all going threw this so we all must have something going on just would like to know what is causing this. i have not gotten any headaches with this thank god but it is just driving me crazy and seems to be worse when i'm in my car or near a lot of cars, maybe it is the phantom hullucinations and maybe it is in my head lol...I also use my wax warmer and put peppermint oil in it to help with the smell and my vicks humidifier too which helps at night to sleep, I hope one of get an answer soon and i will for sure keep you posted and please let me know if you find out anything. Are you on facebook?

  • Hey everyone just an update, i have not smelled exhaust fumes in a couple of days now which is a relief, still following up my primary dr and my ear nose throat dr hoping i will find a answer is to why this is happening, i hope you all do the same...

  • Well the smell of exhaust fumes is back just when i thought it was gone

  • Well everyone i went to my ent doctor he didnt find anything serious but said my sinuses were a little stuffed put me on a nasal spray but also sent a referrel to the brain dr, said he had someone in smelling flowers for 6 weeks turns out it was brain tumor, im hoping for the best...

  • I have the same, mine started 6 months ago, my family & friends think I'm crazy coz I'm the only one that smells smoke

  • I never replay to things like this but after reading yours I had too! Yours is the first that nails it on the head with what I have been expperiencing for a few years now. Except that it is now there almost daily. The smell and taste used to come and go or if I took a nap or woke up in the morning it was gone. Now it's there daily and I know when it's about to go . When it does I have that weirded out feeling and almost high or drunk. I feel like when I, talking to people I can't even make eye contact. Last year they took a Amir and found nothing, I tried Flonase , antibiotics , sinus mess everything! Nothing helps. Just want to feel normal again and don't ever see that happening. I have little children at home and it makes it so hard to enjoy day to day activities with them, especially with the headaches and smell and just the weird feeling in my head and eyes. I also have swollen lymph nodes present which were even biopsied for cancer and found nothing. I did test postivie for an antinuclear test which they thought may be lupus but turned out negative. The doctors said could be mixed connective tissue disease but no further treatment for that

  • I keep smelling aerosols an garlic an a sewer smell I smell sewer smell laying down aerosols sitting or standing an garlic was my first experience happened 1st while Laying down

  • I have hypothyroidism an for the past 4 days I keep smelling weird smells like in the a.m I smell spoiled smell when I get up for the day I smell aerosols I passed out twice 2 wks floaters that has gotten worse

  • Hi. My name is Paul and I have suffered a smell disorder for about 4/5 years.

    I have lived with this horrid smell every day since. Through the NHS I was assessed about 3 years ago and they concluded I needed a sinus operation to remove an infection deep in my sinuses that antibiotics wouldn't touch because sinuses don't have a lot of direct blood supply.

    I then moved to a different city in the UK before I could decide to have the operation so in my current city was again referred to a specialist who gave me a MRI scan and everything else and he wanted to put me on antibiotics and didn't want to operate as the risk of loosing my smell completely was too high. Of course he couldn't quite understand that I would rather have no smell or taste when this comes on.

    The smells and tastes people explain I have had myself. However it is 90% one type of smell, a burning musty smell but only through one nostril which is strange so if I cover it up that smell is lessened.

    I have managed to live with it for so long through coping with "turning it off"... I have found sleeping can fix it and probably the worst other option is swinging my head between my legs while standing for a minute or so... it seems that gravity has a big role to play.

    One thing I haven't committed to is nasal douching on a regular basis if it is infection related.

    I was wondering if anyone else has found these solutions useful. Also I am keen to learn how anyone has completely overcome the problem.

    Thanks, -Paul

  • I've sometimes had the phantom smell thing - cigarette smoke or floral scents. Once it was Tweed perfume!!

    Paul, you've reminded me of a programme on Radio 4 some time ago. There's a clinic in Birmingham that deals with smell disorders of a benign nature. The programme was one of the Dr Mark Porter ones on Wednesday afternoons at about 3.00. I can't be more specific at the moment, but the details might be somewhere on the BBC website. I'll have a look.

  • Hi, and thanks for the heads up!

    I never listen to the radio :/ but I will look into the Birmingham clinic...

    Are you aware of my "fixes" have you tried Dixon it yourself? Have you been diagnosed (mind the pun) ?

    Thanks for replying, -Paul

  • Omg so glad it's not just me. mine just started recently got under active thyroid on thyroxine 75mcg been in hospital with severe food poisoning and ever since I can smell a horrid sickly sweet smell in everything it's knocking me sick nobody else can smell it ..

  • There are some other, more recent threads. (This one is over four years old!)

    Search for phantosmia in the search box (top right on a PC screen).

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